Tours of Thailand

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At this point, you may be just about sick of my Instagram, but if you've visited Thailand before, then you'd understand the endless amounts of photo opportunities throughout this beautiful country. The amount of detail and pride that goes into building these cities is like no other I have ever seen... and the Dhara Dhevi Hotel in Chiang-Mai is no different!

After leaving Bangkok, we made our way to Chiang-Mai, a city in Northern Thailand known for its' remnants of historical monuments and walls. It's been hard to decide on what content to share with all of you through my blog so I'll be sharing some images on here and the rest on my Tumblr so make sure you're toggling between both to see all the beautiful colors and architecture that discovered in Thailand - or what is now one of my favorite countries to visit. I really could go on for weeks about what I've seen and done during the short ten days on this trip!

While in Chiang-Mai, one of our final stops during the short three days was visiting the Dhara Dhevi Hotel which we toured by way of golf cart because of it's large sixty acre size. It's one of those places you check into and never have an urge to leave! Mostly because of the size and the endless activities and amenities but also for it's architecture. It feels almost as if you are walking the grounds of a palace among the tropical grounds which include villas with private pools, colonial type rooms, and even residential mansions! 

We were treated to a delicious meal of traditional Northern Thai dishes in the hotels Le Grand Lenna including chicken curry, a mildly spicy soup, prawns, and of course some in-house made pastries... my favorite was the macarons box set we received. I devoured them all during the tour of course. After lunch, we made our way to the spa and pools to treat ourselves to a bit of rest and relaxation. I of course spent some of that time backtracking through some of my favorite spots around the hotel grounds to snap a few OOTD photos.

These trunks are a recent discovery I made... Mocha Salt, a Sydney based swimwear brand, are without a doubt some of the coolest I've seen. Not only does the Aussie brand have an extensive color and pattern palette, but they are just about the best fitting shorts I've ever had! I'm definitely one to invest in swimwear that is easily transferred from beach to street so these were right up my alley. Just before touring the grounds of the Dhara Dhevi Hotel, I was lounging poolside and even riding elephants at a nature reserve in Lampang. If I can do that before stepping onto these palace-like grounds, then I can wear these trunks anywhere... and I will! Make sure you check the brands current collections and try some out for yourself. These in Seafern Orange were the perfect color for my Thailand travel so I'll be sporting these throughout the entire trip! Make sure you're following me on Instagram - @TrendStyled - to see even more of my travels!



Unknown said...

All rules for Instagram get thrown out the window whenever you're on vacation - no one is made at you for it.

Josh - The Kentucky Gent

Ok. We want that red macaron and those red shorts...and a trip to Bangkok. :D

Chris P said...

Nice barefoot sandles, the VIVOBAREFOTO Achilles is a great travel flipflop style sandle – but one that doesn't flip or flop!

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