Beach Getaway Attire

3:38:00 PM Saul 4 Comments

Excuse the tan... said no one ever. I have been traveling a lot as of late and thankfully it's all been to warm weather locations. Most recently, I was in Miami for a friends wedding and some more much needed beach time of course! As much as I love the heat, it's always difficult to look good while sweating through your clothes. My solution: lots of inconspicuous swimwear!

I've been sporting lots of swimwear lately... obviously excited for warm weather, beach days I've been enjoying non-stop for the past three weeks. After surviving a New York City winter, you'd be living in your trunks too! These Katin USA shorts are great for a low key weekend at the beach. The floral pattern and stone wash makes them a little more elevated than your basic swim shorts so can easily be worn post-swim while hitting up your favorite lunch spot. I'm all about a quick trip to Miami and when you're going for just a few days, nothing beats a small carry-on of swimwear and minimal casual-wear to get you through the days. I managed to get away with wearing these for a day at the beach and then some post-beach tacos at a restaurant in our hotel... now if only I could get away with making this part of my daily schedule!



Ruben said...

I love those shorts. Thank you for introducing me to Katin. It's all so affordable!!

Unknown said...

I have the same Katin shots, but in salmon. Wore them way too often when I was in Mexico.

Josh - The Kentucky Gent

DJ said...

Love the shorts, perfect for swimming and lounging!

Anonymous said...

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