LOTW: Hawaiian Vibes

At this point, if you're following along on Instagram - @trendstyled, I'm sure you're just about fed up with all of the beachside, cocktail, and sunset images that have overtaken my uploads... so for that, I'm sorry. To make up for it, this week's Look of the Week might just help get you feeling like you're right here with me... ok, maybe not, but this is some pretty damn good gear from East Dane that I invested in while preparing for this trip!


With so much pride and excitement around the U.S. this weekend, there's no better time to post some of my images from the latest #WheredSaulGo Travel Series where I traveled to our nations capital, D.C.! Only about a four hour bus or train ride away from New York City, D.C. has always been on my long list of places to visit in the States, but for some reason I just haven't found my way there. Thankfully, a few friends from back home in Texas put together a guys' trip to the land of so many historic monuments and museums.

Strolls and Stripes

It's not every day that I feel like I've actually accomplished a whole lot... breaks turn into long naps, coffee runs turn into lunch breaks, and a day of meetings turns into a day of strolling through the park. As the weekend begins to near, I can confidently say that I've actually accomplished something ahead of schedule! I didn't really have a choice in deciding on being productive or not this week, as I am moving this weekend and leaving for the tropical island of Oahu next week for nine days! 

Summer Solstice

With the first day of summer finally behind us, we are in full swing of long weekends, trips abroad, iced coffee goodness, and a much more relaxed sense of style. It can definitely be hard to not look like a sweltering mess after just a few minutes in the beaming sun so I like to dress light and keep it casual for most of my summer days. There are a few staples every guy needs in their summer arsenal and chinos are definitely up on the top of my list!


It's funny how much you get wrapped up in your own neighborhood when living in New York City. It gets to the point where if the event, party, or dinner you're invited to isn't walking distance from your building, you find every excuse to skip it and stay around your local hangouts. I've been living in the Upper West Side for about two and a half years now - jeesh the time flies in the this city! - and I have loved every second of it. Coming from the chaos that is Soho, I never imagined falling in love with such a quiet pocket of Manhattan that is populated by baby strollers, multi-million dollar brownstones, and little, old ladies pulling grocery filled carts... Honestly though, I have loved living on the calmer side of this city... even if it has aged me by at least ten years!