#WheredSaulGo: Bangkok, Thailand

It has been a whirlwind these last few days as I continue my #WheredSaulGo series and travel with the Tourism Authority of Thailand throughout Bangkok, Chiang-Mai, and Krabi so excuse my lack of posts these last few days, but as you can see from these images, it's worth the wait. We are only about a third of the way through the trip throughout some of the most popular cities in Thailand and I am already in love with this country. I have been to some beautiful parts of the world but none have compared to experiencing the people of this country. Without a doubt, Thai people are some of the most compassionate, welcoming culture I have ever encountered and is just another reason to visit this side of the world!

Spring Kicks

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand!! This one is going to be short and sweet since I just landed down in Thailand for my ten day adventure and finally made it to my hotel room. Phew! What a long day of travel but definitely worth the trek now that we've made it.

Jogger Wear

There are some colors that I tend to gravitate towards and olive is definitely up there in my top favorites. No matter if I'm tan mid-summer or going Casper ghost-white mid-winter, the soft hue is perfect for any season. Thankfully, my friends over at AEO sent me these olive joggers just in time before my big trip out of the country. 

Good Jeans

Ok, so this whole transition into spring isn't going so great... not only is Mother Nature not holding her side of the deal, but I just can't get out of the darker-hues side of my closet! I don't usually get into darker denim during spring/summer but there's something about getting a new pair of jeans that makes you reconsider your entire outfit. Last week, AG Jeans and Esquire Magazine hosted a fun dinner previewing the latest collection from the brand where I couldn't resist grabbing my favorite fit - The Nomad - which they only had in black... no complaints here.

LOTW: Tropics Travels

It's that time of the week where I collect some of my favorite pieces from online shop, East Dane, and create a Look of the Week that I'm either dying to wear or am planning to wear soon. This weeks' Look of the Week is getting me prepared for the best season of the year... spring. Yep, there won't be a snowflake emoticon crossing my texts anytime in the near future and I could not be more pumped!