I'm loving this in between weather in California this week where the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining a little brighter! It's always the most exciting time of year when we get a glimpse of what's to come with spring and summer. Not that Cali doesn't always feel like spring, but lately it's been colder and a lot rainier than usual so I'm definitely ready for the non-stop sunshine again!

For me, spring style is all about lighter leather jackets and a more relaxed vibe. This jacket from Diesel Black Gold is a favorite that I've owned for a couple years now, but I'm always excited to pair it down with some of my favorite warm-weather gear. I've been obsessed with the green-blue shades lately so this perfectly fitting tee from AG Jeans was a no brainer to pair with my indigo denim from Acne Studios and some essential Birkenstock sandals. Scroll through and shop my style and some of my favorite sunny weather essentials below! 


I've been spending a lot of time downtown lately attempting to get out of my West Hollywood bubble that I got some comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I love WeHo and the chill vibes it offers but it's always nice to feel like I'm back in New York City again. Even for just an afternoon to get my urban fix. 

One of the best things about downtown is all the cool murals, installations, and historic architecture that transports you into an entirely knew world. I stumbled across this installation pictured here after checking out some cool menswear shops that are around the Arts District. With some help from some pretty amazing lighting, I knew it was the perfect backdrop for today's outfit. 

This Martin Asbjorn Bomber Jacket is a recent brand discovery I made a couple weeks ago. Founded in 2012, this Copenhagen based menswear brand is one of the coolest modern brands with their own take on men's tailored-wear. This bomber jacket piece is just one half of the full look that I'll be wearing during NYFW this year so make sure to watch out for that next week on Instagram [@saulrasco]!

Hitting the downtown streets of Los Angeles is a completely different world than my local spots around West Hollywood. I love the super urban vibes each street has with some historic architecture, delicious coffee spots, and some one of a kind retail shops. It takes me back to my NYC days trekking through the concrete jungle. Even though it's a hassle to get down to, it's always worth the traffic filled route.

Today's look is a cool mix of high and low which I always love to do. Without a doubt, this Gucci tee was a huge investment and gift to myself for busting my ass all of 2016 so I'll be living in it until it no longer fits! Mixed with some super affordable trousers from ASOS and a cool bracelet from Triwa, it just shows you can invest in great, high-end pieces and combine them into your daily looks for an instant style upgrade. Check out some of my favorite statement tee investments below and, of course, shop my look to get into my style!



If you're following along on Instagram [@trendstyled] then you've seen it's been a whirlwind of a month traveling featuring some amazing destinations, properties, and hospitality groups. Now that I've had a second to reflect on my travels, I'm finally getting to share with you some of my favorite moments from my experience with Celebrity Cruises aboard the beautiful Equinox!

I've been on a cruise before years ago but have never experienced a boat quite like the Equinox! With just about fourteen restaurants and lounges to dine in, fourteen bars, lounges, and clubs, and an endless amount of activities aboard the Celebrity Equinox, trust me when I say... you will not be left with an empty schedule! Below are just a few of my favorite spots that I loved and hope you will too if you decide to experience a Celebrity Cruise for yourself!

I had the pleasure of getting a Veranda Stateroom which includes a large bed, a sitting area with a couch and desk, as well as a beautiful balcony to experience the world going by each day. This easily accommodates a couple with plenty of room. Truth be told though, you won't be spending much time in your room so if you are more budget conscious, I suggest going for an Inside Stateroom and enjoy the rest of the boat!

LuminaeWith a wide ranges of dishes like steak, fresh fish specials, and pastas, this has something for just about everyone. Make sure you ask about their extensive wine list! This restaurant exclusive to suite guests only.

Tuscan Grille • Celebrity's Italian-inspired restaurant which offers dry aged beef, some delicious pastas, and some unique Italian inspired cocktails. You won't leave hungry after a dinner here. Make sure you order a range of appetizers to share for the table!

Murano • World class cuisine in a very intimate setting. This was by far my favorite restaurant on the ship and managed to try just about everything on the menu. For larger groups, request the wine cellar for a super unique experience. The service at this restaurant was by far the most attention to details I've ever seen a restaurant execute. Sip champagne, eat well, and leave happy!

Martini Bar and Crush • I mean, who doesn't like a good martini?! This ice-topped bar is the center of the ships entertainment scene. It's the perfect beginning and end to each night with some hand crafted martinis, up-tempo tunes, and some very attractive bartenders! 

Quasar • The ships largest club with nightly DJs, you'll spend plenty of time dancing the night away and completely forget you're on a boat!

Pool Bar • This is where you'll spend your day sipping cocktails poolside. I suggest getting to the pool early to grab a good sun drenched spot and just enjoy the sea breeze!

These are just a few of my favorites but the entire list of bars can be found HERE!

The Theater • With a wide range of shows including dancing, singing, magic, and comedy, the main theater is the hub of evening entertainment. Just be sure to check your daily schedule to see who's performing each night and make sure you arrive early to grab a good seat!

The Spa • Either getting a haircut, a facial, or a massage [just to name a few of the many treatments available] this is where relaxation meets ultra-relaxation. Escape to the spa open daily for an amazing experience and recharge for the next day. Spa access is available to enjoy some quiet spaces as well.

The Casino • I may have spent one too many late nights doing some blackjack and slot machines but it was time well spent. Bet big and cash out before you depart the ship! Good luck!

Pool and Jacuzzi Deck • Enjoy a full day of endless un and unblocked views while on the ships pool deck. Order cocktails, lunch, and even join in on the daily activities offered around the pool. 

These are just a few of the endless amounts of activities offered aboard the Celebrity Equinox! You will received a schedule daily in your stateroom so you won't miss any of the action if you decide to stay on the ship for a day at port or at sea!

If you're wanting to really experience something one of a kind then just click through HERE for an exclusive offer just for you guys. Hope to see you guys on a Celebrity Cruise soon!

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This season, I've partnered with MR PORTER to bring an exciting one stop shop gift guide for those men in your life. No matter his style, I've got something for just about anyone and it's all brought to you by one of the best resources for upgrading that style just in time for the New Year! This is just the tip of the iceberg when choosing some of my favorite gear from MR PORTER so definitely make sure you get to their site and find those last minute gifts... or that last minute 'treat yo self' shopping! 😉


MR PORTER has one of the best grooming kits I've seen this holiday. Made up of some of my favorites in the grooming game like Malin and Goetz, Oribe, Bumble and Bumble, and Lab Series, the MR PORTER Grooming Kit has everything you need to up your guy's grooming routines. It's got him covered for just about any grooming needs - hair, body, moisturizer, repair, and so much more! - and best of all, it's less than $100. Not to mention just about the easiest gift you can give any guy. Just add a ribbon and you're good to gift!


One of my favorite sections of MR PORTER is the 'Sport' section which houses all things for the athlete in your life. From sneakers to gym bags to every accessory you need to be the best athlete you can be, this section has it all! Shown here are some of my favorites that go into my daily workouts, but I've also included everything you need to buy the athlete in your life. No matter the workout of choice, we still gotta look good while we sweat!


Is traveling on your list of New Year's resolutions?!... Then travel in style with some MR PORTER essentials to look the part while traveling to your bucket list destinations. One of my big investments this year was a great piece of hard case luggage from Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano I've learned the hard way that those discount cases just won't do the trick when you're traveling often. Invest in one great piece and use it forever! Just like your luggage, a great pair of headphones is an essential. If you're looking for amazing sound, comfort on your ears, and complete silence of outside noise, then go for some Master and Dynamic Headphones for your wish list this holiday. They are worth every penny! Still need some ideas for your shopping / wish list for your travel like minded? Shop through below.


Last, but certainly not least, the 'homebody' because there really is no place like home! As much as I love to travel, socialize with friends, and staying active, nothing beats being cozy in your own space or entertaining your friends in your home. For those looking to give the gift of home upgrade or even those shopping for those perfect pieces to showcase while entertaining friends this holiday season, this list of homewares from MR PORTER will not only update your home but also reflect your personal style no matter what it might be! 

I hope some of my gift guide could be some help for you last minute shoppers! No matter wether your shopping for the guy in your life, for your own 'treat yo self' holiday list, or just in need of a major style upgrade any other time of the year, MR PORTER is that one stop shop you'll be addicted to. I use it daily for style inspiration and for those moments in need of some of the newest in menswear, grooming, and accessories. Happy shopping friends! 

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I’ve always been obsessed with finding new scents to match my mood, the season, or even the time of day. My collection of fragrances has grown to an almost stockpile of bottles that I can’t ever seem to let go of. I tell myself that I’ll re-gift them but when it comes down to it, I always talk myself into keeping each and every bottle. Like your style, your cologne should be an evolving scent matching your state of mind, so I never know when I might need a certain scent.

This holiday season, I’ve partnered with Jimmy Choo Man Intense and honestly could not have come at a better time. Not one to make New Year’s resolutions, I’m an avid believe of upping your style for the New Year and it all begins with a great scent. A slight hint of lavender is balanced with masculine punches of almond, black pepper, and tobacco, which instantly warms you to the core. Your scent should compliment your natural pheromones and Jimmy Choo Man Intense does just that… just try to walk past someone without them noticing you. Start with this scent and the rest of your New Year’s style goals will fall right into place!

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One of the most popular questions I get from you guys is, “What is your skincare regimen?!” While I’m always on the go and travel as often as I can, the one thing I never skimp on is my skincare routine. By now, I have a great process that works for my skin the keeps it looking its’ best no matter where my travels might take me. 

One of my best secrets – sheet masks! My skin is super prone to dryness [especially from being on a plane every month] so moisturizing is a must to keep my skin balanced and glowing. While there are so many on the market to choose from, it was hard to find one that fits a man’s face which focuses on our thicker skin. Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Dekke Hud.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare - and really who doesn’t?! – then you definitely have to get into a Dekke Hud mask. I like to do my mask at night, especially the night before boarding any kind of flight. It’s simple and easy. Just peel the mask from the sheet and place on your face making sure to smooth out any bubbles so you skin is fully covered by the moisturizing goodness. Let sit for fifteen minutes, peel off, and you’re done!

The benefits: A sheet mask is a boost in your daily routine. By using regularly, a sheet mask can balance and moisturize your skin with much deeper penetration than your daily topical moisturizer. This means, glowing skin but my favorite – a lot less irritation from stress, workout sweats, and shaving! It’s spa like results without having to drag yourself to a spa or pay out the steep costs. Just try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes! In fact, use code STYLE30 for 30% off your purchase through the end of February! Now there's no excuse! :]

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I've been loving the pressure of staying active while living in Los Angeles. With sunshine always in full force, there's really no excuse to have any days or seasons off. No matter if I'm going out for a jog, a hike, or taking a fitness class, I'm always focused on looking the part with some great workout gear. This week, I'm collaboration with JCPenney and sporting some of the latest from their MSX by Michael Strahan collection. 

If you're looking to get into some great, affordable, workout gear then definitely check out the pieces the brand has to offer! Also, if you're getting into some dapper moments for the holidays, check out Collection by Michael Strahan for all your suiting needs. If you want to find out more about the brand, just head on over to Complex to check out a quick video!


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