If you've been following along on Instagram, then you've seen probably one of the most epic trips I've ever taken. One of my favorite parts of creating content is being able to travel to get cool, unique perspectives of different parts of the world. As much as I love seeing other countries, it was time I recapped some of my favorite domestic spots on an eight city, cross-country road trip and brought along some of my favorite brands along the way. 

If you know a little about me, then you know I'm from the South, so I of course had to hit one of the cities I've always wanted to visit in my home state of Texas... Marfa! If you haven't heard of this tiny city, it's about six hours West of Austin and is home to some of the coolest art installations housed outside in the desert landscapes. While I enjoyed checking out all of the art, it was the local hangouts that caught my eye the most... Not to mention the local classic rides. When I saw this beautiful old-school Pontiac, I knew I had to take full advantage and capture some cool images for one of my favorite footwear brands.

Sperry is a brand I grew up wearing and knowing well from season to season. It was a brand that was consistent in my style and has not changed one bit. The only thing that has changed is the insane amounts of styles the brand carries. Being in Texas and all, I had to go for the most similar style that looked like denim... the Wahoo CVO Sneaker in Navy. These guys were my go-to while traveling the country but especially while trekking the desert terrain. Comfortable, flexible, and durable - what else does a guy need?! Check out the rest of my stops using #TSCrossCountry to see all the stops we made along the way! 

Stag Provisions Thunderbird Tee | French Connection Denim Shorts | Garrett Leight California Optical Shades | Will Leather Goods Bandana | Sauras Co. Bracelet

Over the next few days I'll be looking back at my New York Fashion Week: Men's OOTD. As hot as it was in NYC during the week of shows, presentations, and events, there was a collective mood of getting into the latest pre-fall pieces from some of the best menswear brands out there. I was definitely nervous about looking like an idiot when putting together outfits including blazers, leather jackets, and denim - it was in the mid-nineties after all - but luckily, I wasn't the only one sporting some of the trends we'll be seeing in the weeks to come after summer.

I definitely eased into the pre-fall looks and managed to keep cool while getting dressed for day one. This double-breasted blazer is a custom piece I helped design. A subtle windowpane pattern shows as the light catches it and is perfect for the season. Paired down with some of my favorite new Diesel jeans and some white sneakers and it's easily transformed into a younger take on the usually dapper style. I'm obviously not a full suit kinda guy so this look is definitely me! What do you think?!

Beau Custom Double-Breasted Blazer | Diesel Sleenker Denim | Hydrogen-1 Sneakers | Garrett Leight California Opticals Sunglasses [similar]

No matter if you're getting into a new season's grooming routine, trying to refresh your current routine, or trying to figure out a way to stay on point while traveling, grooming is the one style constant we must all maintain. For me, traveling is definitely the hardest time for me to stay in routine, so I was super excited to partner with Neutrogena Men® to get me through my current travels. If you've been following along on Instagram [@trendstyled], then you may have caught some of my latest travels roadtrippin cross-country from NYC to LA. 

While I love traveling, the hardest part is packing all my grooming goods in one bag to get me through my trip. The trick... Take the necessities and forget all the fluff. A good face wash is the base to the start and end of every day. Especially while traveling through warmer climates, I am hooked to cleansers that keep me feeling and looking fresh. Specifically designed for men, this Neutrogena Men® Invigorating Face Wash not only gets the clean but is also leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It's pretty amazing to wake up to and to cool down with... Not to mention, improves your skin's overall healthy look. If you want an even deeper cleanse, go for the Razor Defense® Face Scrub. It not only gently exfoliates your skin, it also helps to get a closer, cleaner shave. It's that just that extra 

While a good wash is a no brainer, most of us guys forget about the moisturizer and more importantly the sunscreen. Thankfully, Neutrogena Men® makes it easy with the Triple Protect Face Lotion with SPF 20... the one-two punch our cleansing routine should always end with. Not only does it protect your face from the elements, but it also fights dryness and combats the signs of aging. Who doesn't want to look younger, longer?! 

I'll continue to put the Neutrogena Men® gear to the test as I travel West to Los Angeles. What better way to really put the products to the test than hitting multiple hot weather climates and testing it out. No matter if you're traveling or not, summer-time is one of the most important seasons to keep up with that grooming routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, protect and repeat! 

*This post done in collaboration with Neutrogena Men® | All words and opinions are my own*

It's always hard to get off holiday mode and straight back into work... Especially after a Fourth of July extended weekend. Even though I've been on the struggle bus since getting back to NYC yesterday, I'm in full preparation mode for Men's Fashion Week kicking off on Monday. Men's week has been getting bigger and bigger every season, so I'm pumped to see what's happening this season. I'll of course be highlighting all of my favorite moments live on Instagram - @trendstyled - and some daily recaps on here. 

Until then, it's back to business as usual. I've been pulling clothes for Fashion Week since getting back into the city but I couldn't help but style in this French Connection shirt I originally got for the shows. Maybe I'm still channeling the stars and stripes but I can't help but love this shirt that's perfect for the season. Styling the shirt is easy though... I had a few meetings so I styled it up a bit with some dressier pants and cool Hydrogen-1 brogues that I got into during the fall, but I'll definitely be dressing it down into some shorts for some rooftop cocktails later tonight. You gotta beat the heat somehow!


There's nothing better than getting full stride into summer... iced coffee breaks, playing hooky from work, and getting into some casual, warmer day trends. You can never go wrong with some nautical stripes during the spring and summer so I've always made sure to stay stocked in the season's go-to trend. No matter what the occasion, it's basically impossible to avoid the trend especially during this holiday weekend. It's the best way to get into the patriotic moods.

I'll be sticking around the city this holiday weekend which I'm actually excited about because NYC is basically deserted for the 4th of July... except for the crowds that flock to see the fireworks. I'll be chillin park-side [most like with an iced coffee in hand] and getting some much needed rest before the craziness that is Men's Fashion Week starts. I'll be recapping all of my favorite shows, parties, and moments during the busy week so make sure to check back for that later. 


Damn, I forgot how hot it was in Miami! I've been here this week visiting some properties and have been sweating like crazy, so I'm thankful for the ocean breeze and poolside, piña coladas! It's just about impossible to beat the heat while visiting any tropical location but not completely... I'm always an advocate for linen when traveling to beach destinations. The lightweight goods breathe so easily and are right on trend with any beachside parties. 

Casual doesn't have to be completely dressed down though. Piling on some quality accessories easily helps to transform a laid-back outfit into a night out on the town. My friends over at the W South Beach gifted me these insanely cool shades when I checked into the property. They are a collaboration that the Miami location did with Garrett Leight California Opticals and are easily my new favorite specs. The showstopper is this Omega Seamaster timepiece though. Without a doubt a huge investment but will easily transform your style into a more refined look.

I'm just about to head back to NYC, but I have a couple huge announcements coming up including one HUGE campaign I'm doing shortly after men's week in July... Stay tuned! 


Summer style is all about dressing down, getting comfortable, and enjoying the warm weather that seemed like a lifetime to wait for. I'm finally fighting off the darker hues and going for a much lighter tone... Which came just in time for last week's beach escape.

If you're following on Insta [@trendstyled], then you definitely caught my latest trip out of the city to the newly renovated Gurney's property in Montauk. If you've been out to Montauk before, then you know just how much fun it is but going mid-week is more of my kinda attitude. It's a lot more laid back, less crowded, and less pressure to drink til you drop. The pressure of style is still a big focus though.

Like any other beach spot, the colors stay on the lighter hues of browns, whites, and grays while the pattern of the locale is a no brainer - nautical stripes! I love any moment I get a chance to wear white denim but these wheat selvedge jeans from J. Crew are some of my summer favorites. No matter the beach occasion, they're the perfect base to start any outfit. Not to mention the perfect, almost white, introduction to lighter shades of jeans most guys are scared to sport. I paired them up with some not so basic slip-ons from Vince Camuto... who doesn't love a good tassel?! 😁

While this trip was short-lived, it's only the first beach escape of many. I'll be heading South - South Beach to be exact - for a fun project with the W South Beach tomorrow so make sure you're following along over on Instagram and the Snap for all the latest! 


So if you've ever experienced Governors Ball here in NYC, you know exactly how I'm feeling right now. Mondays are always hard to get back into the swing of things but after a couple days spent running between stages, eating one too many corndogs, maybe a couple too many cocktails, and all while screaming and laughing with friends, the struggle is real! If you were following all weekend on Instagram or Snapchat [both: @trendstyled] then you've probably already seen first hand at just how much fun I had partnering with Kettle Brand to attend the festival. 

Even though the third day was cancelled [apparently due to sunshine and some of the best weather we've had all spring], I still got to see some of my favorites like Haim, The Killers, The Knocks, and one of my all time favorites, Purity Ring... which without a doubt, was the best show of the weekend! If you spotted me during the festival then you probably caught me with at least one bag of Kettle Brand Chips in my hands, so I can't thank the team enough for keeping my hangry at bay... I can still smell the Hawaiian BBQ on my hands and I'm not mad one bit! 

Special shout out to French Connection for dressing me from head to toe for the entire weekend! Click through some of the links below to shop some of my festival looks plus some extras I'll be living in all summer long.