Spring is in full bloom here in New York City... Temperatures are rising, people are a little more chipper, the streets are filled with flower-lined trees, and there's no reason to wait until Wednesday's to wear pink! This crewneck piece from Tommy Hilfiger put some much needed pep in my step to start off a busy week. Adding a bit of color to a darker hued closet can be hard but by investing in great punches of pieces like this one helps guide your style to the lighter shade for the warmer seasons.  


With summer just around the corner [hopefully!] there's no better time to get back into those fitness routines and into some new fitness gear. There's no better motivation than feeling good about looking good so when it comes down to investing in some athletic-wear, I don't mind spending a little extra dough on some more stylish workout clothes. I just discovered this new brand, Masterclass Apparel, that I've been sporting these last few weeks as I train to be beach body ready for an upcoming campaign booked down in Mexico - stay tuned for that! 

Made up of some insanely cool fitness pieces like shorts, tees, compression tights, Masterclass Apparel does it all with a little extra edge to keep your style game up as you sweat. I've been obsessed with these camo-printed tank and shorts that are technically enhanced with moisture-wicking and antibacterial materials to keep you fresh and dry. I'm not going to lie, I really put these pieces to the test while shooting these images... Not to mention discovered I wasn't as in shape as I thought I was on the cardio side. All in a days work though! Check out the full collection of pieces offered over at Masterclass Apparel and get back on those New Years resolution routines.

Alright, I know I can't be the only one who is anti-phone case. It always seems to make your phone so bulky and no matter the design, there's just something so cheesy about it. Recently, after cracking my phone screen - ya know, since I'm anti-phone case and all - I gave in and started looking for the perfect compromise... Which is when I discovered Mujjo!

The designs of the Mujjo cases are all so sleek and compliments any style. I went for the Leather Wallet Case which holds necessary pieces like my MTA card, ID, and credit card. Even with a built in wallet, the case is almost unnoticeable when I slip it into my pocket. Multifunctional, protective, and stylish... The only way I'll give into the phone case game. Make sure you check out the full collection of tech necessities offered over on Mujjo to scoop up some stylish pieces of your own.

Not gonna lie, I love a good rainy day. Even after finally making it through the bitter chill of winter, I still manage to find a way to appreciate a good spring-time thunderstorm. It may not be the most convenient if you're out and about but it sure does make for a good Netflix and chill kinda mood. 😉

As much as I'd love to have a rainy day in bed, I spent the morning re-exploring the smaller streets of SoHo while killing some time between meetings. One of my favorite spots in this city is Crosby Street... It's usually pretty quiet but between the cobble stone pavement, the pre-war buildings, and the perfect lighting that creeps down the long, alley-like passageway, I always find myself taking a detour just to stroll down it. The hourly downpours just made the street shine that much brighter today.

We're still between seasons here in NYC so I'm still hanging on to some outerwear before completely putting all the fall and winter-wear into storage. This Coach Leather Baseball Jacket [similar here] is one of my favorite layers for these crisp spring days. It has just enough weight to get me through the gusts and the rains... Not to mention, fits light a glove! I'm not sure if it's the chill or just my mood but I'm still not ready to give up these darker indigo jeans from DSTLD either. I've been wearing them a lot lately so bare with me while I transition out of these jeans and out of winter. Until these storms pass though, I'll be keeping on my darker, monochromatic hues as usual. 


Monday's could easily be the worst day of the week and for most, it's the most dreaded. The weekend is over and you're looking at five full work-days ahead so it's definitely understandable. Which is exactly why I've done my best at convincing myself it's actually the best day of the week. It's hard to agree but hear me out...

Yea, for most, it's the busiest day of the week and you instantly feel swamped with work the second you get to your desk in the morning, but if you play it right, you would agree with why it's actually the best day. First of all, you aren't the only one swamped... everyone is! So it's the one day you can be slow at accomplishing anything, answering emails, scheduling any meetings because, just like you, everyone is playing catch up from the weekend. Not to mention still half asleep from having one too many drinks at their Game of Thrones watching party the night before... yep, it's finally back! Also, it's the perfect day to go casual to work and mix in your ath-leisure-wear and no one will bat an eye.

I, of course, am sporting some new kicks from the Paul Sperry Collection today... the master of warm weather leisure-wear. There's just something about a new pair of Sperry's that instantly transports me boat-side and in a mental escape in the sun. These guys had a major upgrade this season with some super comfortable features like rubber insole that basically massages your feet as you walk and a mesh upper sole to keep your toes cool, dry, and fresh! Now if I only had a boat...


As the weather warms up, I can't help but already start thinking of summer escapes. As much as I love the city, I'm still a Texas boy at heart and every once in a while I get that itch to get back to my roots. Just about this time at the start of spring, my friends and I have a tradition of going into the wild and unwinding with a slower pace of life, some fresh air, and of course endless cocktails and s'mores fire-pit-side. It doesn't get much better than that!

This Look of the Week is my kind of garb for these kinds of wilderness escapes... I mean, all of my friends do work in fashion so I gotta keep up even while toughen it. I like to think I'm a pro at mixing highs and lows and this LOTW does not disappoint. By investing in one great piece, like the Saint Laurent backpack above, and making this one accessory transition into any inexpensive outfit no matter the occasion you quickly justify having such a great compliment to your style... all the rest will easily fall in place. Just click through below to check out all of the brands I'll be escaping in soon!


By now I'm sure you've seen these super cool silk baseball jackets as a huge trend for the season. Inspired by vintage jackets, they have quickly returned to be stylish by being seen in tons of fashion shows and now trickling down into department stores... but at a more viable price-point of course. I instantly fell in love with this one when browsing through Lord and Taylor's private label which just launched, Laboratory, and knew I had to grab it before everyone else did.

With an embroidered tiger logo on front and back, it's definitely one of those pieces that will grab your friends attention. Since it is so bold, I paired mine down a bit with some denim and a tee to even the grounds a bit. These boots from Blundstone are my current favorites that I've been wearing a lot lately. They may look industrial but they're super light and really comfortable for even my longest days trekking around the city. They're a definite necessity to get into!


This week I had the chance to attend the Sports Illustrated x JCPenney event honoring the 50 best dressed athletes. A list thats comprised of athletes like Lebron James, Serena Williams, Christiano Ronaldo, and the master of suiting himself, Michael Strahan which were chosen by fashion insiders and sport experts. For the nights event, I partnered with JCPenney to sport the latest from Collection by Michael Strahan which offers suiting, shirting, and all the accessories you'll need to get into a dapper kind of mood... All of which is sold exclusively at JCPenney of course.

I went for some serious dapper party-wear in this Striped Navy suit and layered it over a check shirt and knit tie. I'm not an every day kind of suit guy so with full suits at less than $400, this collection is perfect to browse through and stock up on some necessary upgrades. No matter if you're a classic solid color kind of guy or a little more adventurous with patterns [like I went for here], there's a suit for any style and occasion. Check out the full list of athletes who were honored here... who's your favorite??