Epic Adventures

For New Yorkers, like so many people around the world, summer is all about taking weekend adventures... and if you know me, I take every chance I can get to escape the bustling city and hit the road on another #WheredSaulGo travel adventure! The long Memorial Day weekend might be over, but I'm already on track to plan my next trip out of NYC and onto some nearby beach.

LOTW: Summer Concert Series

With the warm weather here to stay, now's the time to get prepped for those summer music festival lineups! It's a great chance to push the boundaries a bit and not take your own personal style so serious. Festivals are all about fun patterns, ripped denim, and some of your favorite outdoor activities to pass the time while under the sun. This Look of the Week should get you started with some of my favorite go-tos while out on the lawn jammin out to some of my favorite brands!

Summer Whites

Speaking of 'Spring Monochromatics'... In honor of the Memorial Day weekend, I'm dressing in my all-whites attire. With summer officially kicking off this weekend, I can't be more excited to finally get my shorts out of storage and get my butt to the nearest beach! While so many New Yorkers take this holiday as a chance to escape the city, I love to stay put for a bit of a relaxing stay-cation and enjoy an almost deserted city. 

Spring Monochromatics

It's been pretty chilly and gloomy over here in New York City the last few days, but that's still not stopping me from being all smiles! There's something about a cloudy day that gets me super chill and not stressed about a thing. No matter how many project deadlines I have, I seem to always take these days to binge watch my favorite television shows and just relax couch-side.

Collége Kitsuné

I always find myself wondering around my neighborhood noticing the constant change that comes with living in New York City. No matter your neighborhood, there's a constant flow of new... people, restaurants, bars, and even sounds. Summer is definitely the season you see the most change due to new graduates escaping college and heading to the big city to find a new life, experience, and excitement that so many people move to New York for. It's crazy to think that I was one of those people not too long ago...