I've been all about trying new styles lately. When it comes to my daily OOTD [outfit of the day] I'm usually pretty low-key so finding pieces to help upgrade the casual style from day to night is always a priority. I've never been a fedora type of guy but when master hatters, Goorin Bros., sent me this 'Good Boy' Fedora I knew I had to give it a go.  I surprisingly was instantly hooked!

My Diesel leather jacket and ACNE Studios jeans is my go-to day uniform. It's just easy and has enough style on its' own to fit any errands I'm running throughout my day. By adding something as cool as a fedora, it instantly ups the style points. It doesn't have to be a fedora but adding something unique and a little more trendy to a basic outfit instantly transforms your style and takes you from day to night. Below are just a few of my favorite finds that can upgrade your basics!

This year has been one of the most epic yet… and my partnership with Rogaine has definitely been one of my favorites of 2017. Getting the conversation going around hair loss was scary at first but after getting to speak with so many of you over the past few months, it’s made the stigma around it non-existent, so thank you all for your amazing emails, comments, and DMs asking me some important questions. I hope to keep this journey going through 2018 since I’ve seen some great results and so have many of you so keep the questions and comments coming!

Now, the end of year isn’t all about serious self-reflecting and goal-setting, it’s also about spending time with family, eating lots of mom’s home cooked meals, and of course and endless amount of holiday parties. And with holiday parties, comes holiday style… more specifically, holiday hairstyles! 

What’s worked for me is finding the best product for your type of hair. All of which are safe to use with Rogaine Unscented Foam to keep on your regimen going strong! Now these are just some grooming tools I’ve learned to work for my hair so definitely try them all out and see what works for you!

The Sleek Look 
If you’re going to a super formal party then you have to match your hairstyle to your tux and the sleek look is definitely the way to go. For this, you need a high-shine, firm hold product. This calls for a solid hair gel that doesn’t flake… the non-flaking part is important so you don’t end up looking like you were caught in a snowstorm! Using a comb, apply a small amount of gel onto your damp hair and glide through your hair combing your hair in one direction. If you can get a good part in your hair, you’ll look extra sharp!

The Messy Look 
Now this one can be tricky. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. It’s more of a “my hair just naturally falls this cool” kind of look so be careful! This one is a two-step process to get the best results. First, use a lightweight styling cream and work a small amount of it into your damp hair. This helps control frizz and static to give a more purposely messy effect. Second, work a bit of pomade onto your almost dry hair to give the hold. Pomade is pliable and low-shine so it still lets your hair move and give that lived-in look you’re going for. 

The Chunky Look 
This style is right there in between the super formal sleek look and the messier, casual vibe. The chunky look is my daily go-to and is most manageable for my coarse hair. This one is a two part process but still super quick. Find a good texturizing or salt spray. This lightweight mist gives your hair some serious texture. Once you’re hair is completely dry, work a small amount of wax onto your fingertips and start to work into your hair separating and texturing pieces. The wax, spray combo will hold everything in place and separated to give a cool textured feel.  

I hope these styles work for you guys and gets you prepped for the holidays. I can’t wait to continue this conversation with Rogaine educating myself, and hopefully all of you. If I haven’t heard from you guys that are on this journey with me, definitely reach out and let me know how it’s worked for you! 

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I’m always on the prowl for new denim – really, who isn’t!? It’s definitely the one thing in my closet that stays in there for months [sometimes years] so when I find a good brand to invest in, I stay pretty loyal. Joe’s Jeans is definitely one of those brands that has evolved into my style arsenal since I was in college and has stuck with me.

I’m definitely into the slimmer styles lately but it’s the denim wash that is always changing for me, depending on my style mood. It’s only season appropriate that I’ve been gravitating towards darker indigo hues which is why I’ve loved breaking in The Brixton, which is a straight and narrow style, in ‘Halford’ by Joe’s Jeans. It’s not all about the wash though. The fit has to be spot on for me. Since I’m definitely on the thicker side in my legs, this style fit is perfect for me with a straight fit across the hips and slim from the thigh to the hem.

Definitely head over to Zappos.com and see the full assortment of styles and test out a pair for yourself. The best part is, with Zappos orders you have fast and easy shipping options and if the style isn’t your best fit, you can return and try out another pair! It’s as simple as that! 

I've been traveling a lot lately between warm and cold weather spots. While packing for these trips is always hard to organize, the easiest way to be prepared is light layers. Piecing together outfits with lighter pieces, like this combo here, not only has me covered but gives me the chance to combine textures and colors.

While sticking to mostly earth tones for fall is my go-to, I always like to try different textures to make an almost basic outfit a little more interesting. Cashmere is just about the best thing to invest in during the chillier months. It's one of those layers that can be transitional depending on how you layer but will always be on trend every season. Speaking of investments, a leather jacket is vital. For me, this one from Diesel [similar one here] has been an addiction for years and only gets better with wear. I put together a few of my favorite layering pieces below so feel free to scroll through and combine your own style! 

With the holiday season fast approaching – yea, I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year again either – I’m always looking for some cool gadgets that I can gift to some of my best friends and even myself. While everyone has their own style and wish-lists, I always try to find those universal tools that will make every days tasks easier and quicker! I mean, we’re all in a rush aren’t we!?

For me, shaving is one of those weekly tasks that I always have to schedule out. It’s never just a quick few minutes and instead always turns into a step by step process I have to take in order to not only stay on schedule, but to do properly. Thankfully, this week I was introduced to the Panasonic ARC5 Premium 5-Blade Electric Shaver, which is beautifully designed to give an efficient, close shave in a matter of minutes… Cutting out all that prep time that always annoys me! 

It’s built with shaving sensor technology that detects your personal hair density and adjusts the motors speed accordingly giving you a better shave without those annoying pulls that some electric shavers give. The 5-blade system is made up of super sharp Nanotech™ blades combined with a foil pattern guard that is designed to catch each hair as it passes the surface. If that’s not enough, it’s even waterproof so you can really utilize your shower time when getting ready for a busy day without losing any benefits of a clean, close shave!

If you’re like me and completely addicted to Amazon, the Panasonic Arc5 is available for purchase there which is where I do most of my daily shopping for some super quick shipping and some great deals! Definitely head over to Panasonic to check out all the cool features this tool has to offer though. It’s an investment worth getting into!

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In my continued collaboration with Rogaine, we decided to take a little break from talking about hair-loss. No matter big or small, thinning hair is an issue every single person faces, as we get older. We all see signs of some level of hair loss due to shrinking follicles – it’s in all of our DNA! It’s inevitable but not impossible to prevent if you catch the signs soon enough. As you may have seen in my previous Rogaine posts, the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair regrowth brand is the answer to so many of our hair-loss issues and has been proven to work. No other topical treatment has been proven to work better for fuller, thicker hair rejuvenation!

While our DNA determines so many of our physical features, it does not have to define who we are as individuals. ‘Defying Your DNA’ with Rogaine is especially important to me because we all need some outside words of encouragement and so many of you have reached out to me asking about my workout regimen. A regimen that not only helps me feel physically healthy, but also mentally.

For me, fitness is exactly how I defy my DNA. No amount of DNA can stop us from reaching our fitness goals. No matter if it’s losing or gaining weight, being in professional athlete-level form, or even just wanting to feel healthier, our fitness goals are our own and no one else’s. Growing up I was never particularly athletic. While I joined in on many sports, I never utilized fitness and the benefits that come along with it. No matter your hereditary background, fitness can help us all become a better version of ourselves be it physical or mental. Today, I’ve learned that working out can help me to become physically stronger [I never was able to get those biceps I wanted back in high school lol] but also more focused mentally. Just getting some form of exercise every day, my mood is boosted which keeps my mind focused on the days tasks and even long-term goals. It even helps get my energy level consistent throughout the day… which is definitely my favorite part and a huge reason why I get to the gym daily. Today, I know I defy my DNA and only my own motivation can stop me.

I remind myself of all of this every day when building up the determination to working out but some great tunes always help with that extra push I need! I like to update my workout play-lists weekly to keep me motivated so follow me on Spotify HERE and check back every week to get some great new tunes! In the mean time, enjoy this weeks below… I hope it helps you as much as it does me!!

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This post sponsored by Zappos and Steve Madden. All words are my own.

I always love traveling between busy work weeks. As much as I love being in Los Angeles, it’s always nice to leave the hustle and get into some more laid back environments and experience some changes in weather. That’s why I was so excited to book a last minute trip to North Carolina to get a real feel for fall up in the Blue Ridge Mountains! 

Seeing as how I’ve gotten rid of most of my fall-wear, I was super excited to partner with Zappos and Steve Madden for this trip! With fast, free shipping, I knew I wouldn’t have any issues with getting my new Steve Madden Aziz Boots in time for the trip… a much needed pair for fall!

If you ever travel to North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a must! Beautiful fall foliage, breathtaking hikes, and some delicious food and drinks will instantly draw you in. I visited the Biltmore Estate which was a summer house for the Vanderbilt family over a hundred years ago. I spent the entire day trekking the palatial grounds in my Steve Maddens to really put them to the test. 

The results – comfort and style with every step! I love the rich colors of tan leather, which will only get better with ware. Either dressed up or dressed down, these guys are super versatile which is always important to me when purchasing footwear. Definitely head over to Zappos.com and see the huge assortment of Steve Madden kicks and get prepped for any season, occasion, and adventure! 

I’ve been a huge fan of Armani Exchange for as long as I could remember. Even as far back as elementary school I can remember shopping the gear and feeling so cool styling up the pieces. They’ve always been the consistent cool factor that I’ve aspired to have even until today. That’s why I’m super excited to partner with the brand and Macy’s to showcase their latest capsule collection only available in Macy’s stores and Macy’s online!

With some serious rocker vibes, the collection has a full range of tees, denim, and outerwear to outfit you from head to toe. I love the bolt and star details throughout the collection pieces. The Lightning Stretch Bomber is what first caught my eye so I used it as an anchor for the entire outfit. Contrasted with a cool metal lightning Graphic-Print Tee and some Ripped Jeans for some texture and I was set. The collection is all so cohesive so choosing items that created one cool outfit was a no brainer and are easily all interchangeable to mix and match. The Hidden Laces Sneaks, Armani Exchange too of course, are almost sold out so definitely get into them ASAP!

This post done in collaboration with Macy’s // All words and opinions are my own