Accessorized Essentials

This spring, Coach has partnered with American jewelry designer Philip Crangi to bring the most essential accessories for every guy. Crangi, an award winning jewelry designer, combines his iconic brass pieces with ultra-lux Coach leathers to create a limited edition collection of key fobs, bracelets, and belts that are sleek and masculine. 

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Spring Shoe Game

One of my biggest addictions, like so many other people, is shoes... sneakers, brogues, loafers, boots, really any and all shoes that I can get my feet on! I'm always on the prowl for another great pair to add to my never ending collection and the changing season is the perfect excuse for you to be doing the same. One of my latest discoveries - Frank Wright Shoes - a UK brand based out of London and easily a part of British history established in 1885. For me, shoes should be sleek and clean but built with attention to detail so they can easily be worn and enjoyed for any day to day activity. These Stein Black Leather Lace-Up kicks are just that - made of quality leathers and other materials, you're feet won't be paying the price!

In order to jump start your spring shoe game, TRENDSTYLED and Frank Wright Shoes has partnered up to give away a pair of kicks of your choosing valued at $150 or less! Just follow follow the few steps below and these, or any Frank Wright Shoes sold on their online shop, could be yours. Good luck!!
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TRENDSTYLED x American Crew

As I continue my endeavor into the men's grooming world, I am constantly looking for my way into all of your every day routines in order to educate myself [and hopefully some of you] on just how to properly complete your daily looks and maybe gain a little more confidence along with it. So, when American Crew reached out and asked TRENDSTYLED to collaborate as a Brand Ambassador, I knew I had to take full advantage of partnering with a brand that is the epitome of men's grooming and without a doubt, an American staple! 

In order to jump start my collaboration with American Crew, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the brands Creative Director, Paul Wilson, to ask some important questions about the brand and of course some grooming tips that I have always been curious about:

TS: What is the biggest challenge in creating men’s grooming products?

Paul Wilson: I would say that the biggest challenge is the fact that there is so much out there and things are so specific. So I guess it’s both the fun and the challenge - thinking of what the specificities or what the relevance is of a new product, like what’s the amount of hold or shine or the pliability factor? Those are all of the fun parts in thinking about what we need to create. And being the leader in men’s grooming I feel like we sort of have that responsibility to have the most relevant new products for men.

TS: Do you think that men’s trends for the coming years change what you create?

Paul Wilson: It does for sure. This is one of the first years that we haven’t had a launch of products that support a new collection specifically. So what we have done is, we are asking this new collection (The Independent) of shapes to be styled in so many different ways we just found that we had everything we already need in the brand. We used to have six great products and now we have an arsenal. So now we really just figure out how to layer and combine products to get the specific looks and that has worked well.

TS: What is the one American crew product every guy need is his daily arsenal and how is it used?

Paul Wilson: I would say Alternator. If I had to pick one that would be the one, largely because of versatility and the fact that it never sets up. You have this constant texture and hold, sort of all built in. There are so many of the classic products from the brand like the Pomade, Fiber, the Firm Hold Gel that I think are key components that guys should have in their bathroom, but if you had to have one, I would choose Alternator because of its versatility.

With Alternator, when it’s first applied you get this cool texture and you would think that it sort of sets up and that it would become some kind of a placement product, but it doesn’t do that. Later in the day or at any point it could just literally be pushed in another direction. So you could go from something groomed and off the face, and then come back and just use your fingers to do something that’s looser and lets gravity get a hold of it a little bit. When I talk about versatility with Alternator, I really mean the ability to restyle the hair.

TS: Sleek or messy, how should a guy groom this spring?

Paul Wilson: I’m going to say both. The Independent collection and all of the technique, the looks we were trying to go for are all underlying statements about the message of men’s hair which is complete versatility so all the cuts can be styled in legitimately in three different ways.

TS: How important is the guys cut before he decides on the style?

Paul Wilson: The cut is critical. The concept of the cut is critical. When you are asking hair to do different things there’s just a lot of things that need to be considered with the quality of the cut.

TS: Does changing seasons warrant changing your do, or hair regiment?

Paul Wilson: I think it generally does. Again, when we talk about this versatility of men’s hair I think it sort of speaks to that. We release this collection in the spring basically and it kind of leads up to spring fashion and that sort of is our platform. I would say maybe it’s slightly less important that there be spring haircut and a fall haircut, but again the versatility gives you the ability to ride through all that.

TS: What gives American Crew is trademark smell?

Paul Smith: I think the fragrance is distinctly masculine. The product has been around since 1994. The first time you open American Crew product it’s so specific and it just made such a statement and it’s been a part of the brand for a very long time.  I think that as we are starting to ask guys not to wash their hair as much the fragrance helps that process because guys still need to smell good and you want your hair to feel clean and not smell dirty. I think that the fragrance helps that.

TS: How often should a guy wash his hair?

Paul Wilson: We are trying to get guys out of the predisposed idea that you hair has to be squeaky clean all the time. I think it sort of is a society thing that developed making everyone thinks that hair has to be super clean. Alternator is a great example of a product that makes the hair feel lived in. Hair just works better when it has that quality second day hair. Some guys are never going to get away from washing their hair everyday because they go to the gym, so alternator does a great job creating that. We are also encouraging guys to shampoo their every other day, just to let some of that natural oil live in their hair. We are finding that the majority of our guys, if you can get them into that regiment, like their hair better on that second day.

Stay tuned for much more to come including a sneak peak into the brands current and future grooming collections, product reviews, how-to tips, and, of course, some amazing grooming giveaways!

Current Style Mood

There's just nothing like the feeling of finally getting to begin your spring cleaning and pack away all of those heavy coats and sweaters you were so excited about before realizing you would be wearing them for much longer than anticipated! I spent most of last weekend vaccum sealing all my winter goods and turning my closet into a warm weather clothing only zone which has already lifted my winter blues. My current style mood: color-blocking + baseball caps! Now if I could just get my butt back to the beach. 

Postcards from Miami

It has been one hell of a winter this year that is still never ending. With the serious dips in temps once again last week, I just could not stay in the city for one more day. At the spur of a moment, we decided to pack up and move South for the winter - well at least for a few days - to get a good [over]dose of Vitamin D, eat a ton of food, and get a few tennis lessons from Venus Williams at the Sony Open

Big thank you to SLS Hotel South Beach for a great stay and of course for some much needed pool-side tanning, eating, and drinking! If you guys head out to South Beach, this is the place to stay. Check in, head to Hyde Beach [their beach club with great tunes, drinks, and lounging], and do not move for days! 

Make sure to stay tuned while I record more of my traveling adventures in some of my favorite cities across the U.S. and abroad - next stops on the books: Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. If you're in these cities let me know the cool local spots to hit up... especially in Phoenix - it'll be our first time!