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A good classic never goes out of style. Nautica has been in my style rotation over the years and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t own some of the nautical inspired pieces. When collaborating with Amazon Fashion this season, I was super excited to see all the new release styles they offered but was even more excited to find pieces like this Crew Neck Sweater that is a classic.

Nautica always has the best sweatshirts. From graphics and logo prints to hoodies and zip ups, the nautical brand has kept to its roots which is one of the reasons I’ve invested in the brand season after season. And with Amazon Fashion, it’s all in one spot and ready to ship direct to you.

Sweaters are one of those things that I always keep knowing I’ll be wearing them for years. I just updated my Amazon Shop with tons of great Nautica pieces including this sweater so make sure you check out the collection. With the holidays coming up, Amazon is my go-to on finding the best deals. Especially when it comes to clothing, shoes, and accessories… which you can find all in my shop. Check it all out now and get to ordering those gifts! Make sure you check out my shop - [amazon.com/shop/saulrasco] - I’ll be adding new items daily.

Sponsored by Nautica and Amazon Fashion

I’ve been loving the graphic tees, sweaters, and outerwear that Nautica has been producing over the last couple seasons. They’re bringing back so many of their heritage nautical graphics that so many people remember them to be. When I first started wearing the brand as a kid, these are the cool patches and patterns I remember loving and not much has changed today.

This Nautica Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee I’m wearing today is one of my favorite finds - which I’ve already added to my Amazon Fashion Shop - that reminds me of those days I rocked their graphics as a kid. The fit is spot on so definitely buy true to size. I’ve been obsessed with slides and with this always warm-weather we have in Los Angeles, I’ve been collecting them over the years. Nautica has a huge selection available on Amazon that I’ve already invested in getting but these Stono 2 Sandals from Nautica are perfect.

The only thing that has changed is the accessibility to the brand through their collaboration with Amazon Fashion making all their latest trends and styles available from the online retailer. I love shopping Nautica through Amazon because of their insane amount of selection and, most importantly, super quick shipping. I’ve updated my shop since my last Nautica post so make sure you check it out to see all my favorites from the brand.  

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I've been loving this 'fall' weather in Los Angeles the past few weeks. Some days it's cool and balmy, while others are the qunitessential SoCal weather we're known for. Either way, it's exactly why I moved here from the East Coast. People in LA live in their denim with this perfect daily weather, so I've been excited to partner with Zappos and Adriano Goldschmied again this season to get into a new pair of jeans.

My usual AG Jeans go-to fit is the Matchbox. They're more of a relaxed waistline with a tailored leg so they always fit me perfectly... especially with a good pair of boots. I went for these 15 Year Glitch washed Matchbox Slim Straight Jeans for that perfect in-between dark and light denim as we transition into the new season.

I always love ordering from Zappos. They have the quickest, free delivery so even when I'm super impatient or just in a fashion emergency with nothing to wear for a week of event, I know they're super dependable on getting orders to me. The best part, if something doesn't fit or if just decide you want to return it you have 365 days to decide. Definitely check them out!

Sponsored by Nautica and Amazon Fashion

I am constantly getting asked what my favorite online shop is, especially moving into the holiday season. I have to admit, I am not a huge shopper and never really loved trying a ton of things on at a store. That’s why I mostly do all my shopping - even my groceries - online. It’s just so much more convenient to shop in the comfort of my own home… it doesn’t hurt that you always get the best deals online too.

So when I really started to think about what I use the most, like so many of you guys, Amazon was the first thing that popped into my head. With everything from home-goods to groceries, I use Amazon daily. When I discovered Amazon Fashion, I was hooked. There’s so many cool brands that sell through Amazon Fashion with a lot of them having one or two day delivery and super easy returns.

That’s why I am super excited to be partnering with Amazon Fashion and Nautica over the next few weeks to show you guys some of the great products they have to offer but even more excited to join their Amazon Influencer Program where I’ll be launching my own shop for you guys to find all my favorites in one spot.

Nautica has always been in my daily style rotation no matter the season. I’ve been into more graphic print knits lately so this Nautica Signature Print Sweater was my first great find on Amazon Fashion that quickly got me hooked to the site. One of my favorite tools on the site is the suggested items below any item you’re looking at. It really helps to find other similar items like these Nautica 5 Pocket Slim Fit jeans that I styled into today's look. It’s like having your own personal shopper which really helps find items that go well with each other.

This is just the first of many to come featuring some of my favorites from Nautica. I’ve been loving so many things from the brand. From graphic knits to denim and even some killer collabs, I’ll be showing you guys how I like to style the global lifestyle brand over the next few weeks. Make sure you keep checking back into my store. I’ll be constantly updating it with new items I love. Especially when I find really great deals!

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It's no secret that I've been a fan of Rockport for a few years now. I've been loving the brand mostly for their wide range of styles and for their super comfortable design but now, I'm super excited to see them on Zappos. When it comes to my footwear I love using Zappos for the fast, free delivery and their great 365 day return policy. If you're indecisive like me when it comes to online shopping, then you'll love Zappos. If I don't like something I just send it right back and choose a different style.

When it comes to Rockport though, it's always hard to choose just one style. They have these super soft insoles that makes every step feel like you're walking on a cloud. If you've had bad luck with dress shoes lasting through your day without killing your feet, then give Rockport a try - every style is built with their insole comfort technology call truTech® technology. You'll love them! 

I went for these Rockport Marshall Wingtips to kick off my week. Made with leather upper soles and a lightweight EVA mid and outsole, these guys don't weigh me down while I'm running around all day. They of course also have their truTech® technology which helps with shock-absorption. Head over to Zappos and check out all of their new fall styles

I'm always on the hunt for cool vintage tees while running around Los Angeles. From flea markets to shops on Melrose and even while shopping around online, there's nothing like find a tee that's been through the ringer and survived. The super soft texture and thin fabric can only come from decades of washes and is close to impossible to replicate. When I find a tee that's still in good shape, I always snag it without a second thought. 

I found this guy while killing time at the Fairfax Flea. I usually go there for a restock on gold necklaces and to just walk around outside on these perfect weather Sundays. This trip was super successful finding this tee that I thiiiink says it's from the Biology Department at USC. Whatever it says, I love it and will be wearing it for a while. I've been changing up my editing over on my Insta - @saulrasco - so let me know what you guys think in the comments there. Especially if you're seeing it here first. 

With back to school in full swing, there’s no better time to stop by CVS to pick up those necessities we all know we need. For me, I remember my mom stocking me up with a variety of AXE products - especially body wash and deodorant - to keep me smelling fresh and clean. I always played sports in college so my mom knew I needed the good stuff to keep me feeling my best.

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of AXE scents but, right now, my favorite is Pheonix. It has a super fresh rosemary scent that reminds me of fresh laundry. The best part of AXE is not only do you feel fresh, but you smell fresh without it being too overpowering. Back to school is stressful enough so I love that CVS has all my favorite AXE products in one spot. All you have to do is check out the grooming isle and pick your favorite scent. Today through September 1st, when you buy one AXE personal wash, you get the second 50% off so get to one fast before the deal is over.

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It's crazy to think about how much my grooming regimen has involved and how I've become aware of exactly what works for me and what doesn't. I can't even think about the products I used to use for my hair and skin just because I didn't know what to use. Thankfully now, with the convenience of CVS, I have no problem finding exactly what I need especially while I'm traveling.

When I'm traveling I always stop by a CVS in my destination and pick up all my favorite products that are great for my hair and skin like Dove Men+Care, Degree, and AXE products. Right now I'm using Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash - which smells insanely amazing - for my body and Dove Men+Care Dermacare Scalp Dandruff Defense Shampoo - which helps lock in some moisture to my super thick hair. Speaking of my thick hair, I've been testing out AXE Refined Clean Cut Pomade which helps smooth and hold my longer than usual hair. 

For the pits, I like super clean scents but always hate the stains left on my shirts. For that problem, I've found the dry sprays work best but now, Degree has launched a Black and White Fresh Deodorant that keeps your black shirts black and your white shirts white. It's seriously the best and the clean scent alone is worth the try - especially for my hot week in NYC this week.

Don't forget to check out the latest deals from CVS to save some extra coin. Right now [through July 4th] they're doing Buy 1 get 1 for 50% off with card and Buy 2 and Get $2 ExtraBucks® Rewards!

Sponsored post by Mirum. All words and opinions are my own.