When it comes to basics, HM knows how to produce those everyday essentials we all love to get into. Not only are they affordable, but they're so wearable it's a no brainer when styling ourselves for the day. Now [if you haven't hear already] with HM Edition, there's some major basics upgrades that you'll definitely see me wearing all season long. 

Made up of premium fabrics like linen and suede, the newest collection to launch has me in my element. With a slimmer cut to chinos, tees, and even some damn good suede outerwear, the collection is perfect for the more laid back kinda style that is so simple to put together. Make sure you head over to HM to check out the full collection. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces! 

Hair loss. Two words we all hope to avoid hearing. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, so many of us forget about the more obvious aspects of natural signs of aging. While hereditary hair loss accounts for 40% of men, I knew I had to use my voice to help bring awareness and education to what so many men are affected by. A huge misconception is that, "if my Dad had a full head of hair, then I'm in the clear!" While this can be true, hereditary hair loss can be much more rooted than that. I looked back through my Grandparents which is where I saw the signs of thinning that I wish I had known to look further back for.

Everyone’s hair follicles begin to shrink as they age, so like anything else, catching the signs early can help get ahead of the hair loss process, which can result in a fuller, younger looking head of hair. Men as young as in their 20's see hair loss so it's never too early to start evaluating. Rogaine, a company that has been around for 20 years is a treatment that has been proven to be an aide in hereditary hair loss with the use of the only FDA-approved ingredient minoxidil. By simply checking the crown of your head [that’s the top-back part of your scalp] regularly, you’ll be able to catch any sign of thinning hair… Which is exactly when you should begin your daily use of the Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam

It’s a process that adds only minutes to our already busy grooming regimen but most importantly, keeps us feeling confident about our appearance and our age. If you’re going to spend hours every week at the gym, why not take a few minutes of your week to really feel our best?!

Begin to make checking the crown of your head a weekly self check-up. 
You want to catch hair lost as early as possible to help combat any signs of hair loss. Remember, the earlier you catch the better!

At the first signs of thinning, don’t freak out. We got you!
Head to your nearest drugstore to purchase Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam.
--> Also available online!

 Gently massage onto your scalp twice a day.
Don’t worry; you can still use your favorite hair grooming products after applying the foam.

Continue stage three daily and monitor your progress as you apply.

It’s as simple as those few steps. By adding just a couple minutes a day to your routine, hair loss no longer has to be those two scary words we all dread. Most people see results in just three months so check your progression regularly and enjoy that fuller, thicker hair! Feel free to shoot over any questions, but I'll be walking you through my journey the more I use the product. 

This post done in collaboration with Rogaine | All words and opinions are my own

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Since I can remember, I have been obsessed with all things space and sci-fi. I can't really pinpoint what it is - maybe it was watching the movie Contact over and over again as a teen - but what I do know is when Coach launched their limited-edition NASA-themed collection I knew I had to have it all!

From leather goods to key-chaines, to varsity style jackets, and everything in between, it is all SO good! It's the perfect mix of retro and modern which is definitely right up my style alley. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces including the backpack shown above which I have been carrying around since I got it from my Coach fam. Am I an astronaut yet?! 😜

I'm super excited to announce my partnership with Luminox, an American created watch company that has been around since 1989. While the brand is the official watch maker for the Navy SEALs, the wide range of styles the brand offers is endless and will match any occasion... as you can see in my video campaign! Without saying too much, I partnered with videographer Brian Korff to shoot their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign around Los Angeles featuring some of my favorite timepieces. From casual to dapper, Luminox is a brand to know and wear!

Also make sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel and, as usual, comment below and let me know if you like watching these types of style videos or if there's anything else you'd like to see! 

Luminox watches featured here:

This post done in collaboration with Mrs. Meyer's sponsored series with Socialstars™

While so many people dread cleaning or doing chores, I always find it calming to end a crazy week with some good purging and cleaning around the house. The smell of a clean house just about makes me the happiest person. Thanks to my friends at Mrs. Meyer’s, the scents like this Basil Scented Multi-Surface Cleaner and Lilac Dish Soap bring a fresh spring aroma to my freshly cleaned apartment!

Made without chlorine bleach, ammonia, and phosphates, Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies are gentle on your surfaces and your hands! Not to mention packaged in recyclable bottles that are BPA free so it’s great for the environment too. 

No matter your style, a solid suit is a must in every guys closet. No matter if you dress it super dapper with a button up and tie or dress it down with a knit polo, a suit that you love is the perfect investment when heading into a new season. For me, I'm more of a solid or subtle print kind of guy which is why I was so excited to partner with Hardy Amies to show off some of my favorite suiting staples of the season.

A Saville Row institution since the 1940's, Hardy Amies has become the epitome of men's suiting and has evolved into the modern age with a younger and fresher look of what a men's suit is today. Solids, micro checks, and fabrics unlike any other brand, these are the suit investments that I've become addicted to. While the fit is key, the construction quality of a suit is what will keep your favorite suit alive so invest into a brand wisely.

Worn as a full suit or just the pants, a solid navy suit is always in style so I like to think of it as your starter suit for those of you who are new to the suiting game. For today's style, I went for a Navy Wool Suit and paired it down with a great fitting knit polo... a huge trend for the warmer months! No matter if you're heading to the office or taking it out for a date night, a navy suit will instantly upgrade your style so run, don't walk to get one for yourself! Make sure you head on over to Hardy Amies and check out the latest in suiting that these guys have to offer. It won't disappoint! 

Like my scheduling, I always like to figure out my style as the day comes... I just never know what my mood is going to be which always determines my day's style. Which is exactly why I've partnered with Farfetch today on their #TheOne campaign which helps me stay on point no matter what the day has in store. From a morning coffee meeting to running errands throughout the day or even a date night, Farfetch has outfitted me with some major style staples to get me prepared for any occassion.

My mornings always starts with a coffee run to one of my favorite spots - Alfred's Coffee - and as much as I'd like to stay looking stylish, it can sometimes be hard to get the urge to get too dressy in the early morning. I am NOT a morning person at all. My advice for those likeminded, get a great shoe staple to like these Gucci GG Supreme Tiger Sandals to help distract from your uber casual style. 

Like my mornings, my daily style is always pretty casual and laid back so you will rarely catch me in a suit for no reason. What you will catch me in is some good denim. No matter if it's denim jeans or a denim jacket, I invest a lot of my money into the long lasting garment. This denim jacket from Saint Laurent is one of those investments that will be in my closet, if not on my back, for many years to come. With such a cool patch detail, it's all business in the front and party in the back!

My current obsession: Short-sleeved printed shirts! I can't get enough of them this season and love styling them since they are all so versatile. No matter if I'm heading to a beach vacation or heading out for date night like styled here, this is #TheOne shirt every guy needs in their arsenal! This one from Vivienne Westwood Man is a step above the rest with a slim fit and almost sheer fabric which keeps you cool on those warmer nights out.

Shop through some of my other spring style favorites from Farfetch below and let me know what #TheOne shoe, jacket, and shirt you're obsessed with this season! I'm always looking for inspiration and you guys are the voices I listen to the most. 

The new season is finally upon us which just means one great thing... a spring revamp of our closets, and it all starts with the shoes! One pair of shoes can completely change an outfit or style so when it comes to my feet, it's hard to pry my collection off my toes.

While I've always been a fan of Rockport [as you can see here and here], I'm definitely not the only one - which explains why they've been around for over forty-five years - but my favorite pieces from the brand are always their classic revamps. The Barnaby Lane Penny Loafer is not your typical loafer. These classics are so comfortable, you won't feel like you're punishing yourself through your nine-to-five wardrobe and will want to wear them no matter the occasion!

As you can tell, I wear the Barnaby Lane kicks no matter the days style or workload. With Rockport's comfort truTech® technology that the brand is known for using, you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud all while looking as sharp as can be... no to mention the moisture wicking lining which keep your feet dry and odor free. What does this mean for you/me?! You will be keeping these guys in your closet for many seasons to come!

Wanna walk a day in my shoes? Just click through and shop some of my favorite Rockport new releases below!