Time, Elevated

With so many distractions in our daily lives, I can’t help but always be on the prowl for a device that will seamlessly fit into my life’s hectic schedule. Blame it on my memory of a goldfish or my phone always being on silent, but I am terrible at remembering meetings, responding to texts, and just about the worse at answering calls. With so many devices that claim to help reach organized euphoria, there are none as stylish as the Movado BOLD Motion, Engineered by HP.

Wanting to really put this smartwatch to the test, I’ve been wearing the new timepiece for just about three weeks now. My main focus is to see just how much more organized I’ll be by wearing it. The process of linking the watch to my schedule and lifestyle was seamless, much like the design and innovation that Movado is so known. Friends and coworkers constantly asked what this watch was all about [especially when it blinked with notifications I set up] and when I told them it was a smartwatch, they were all shocked. The Movado BOLD Motion Engineered by HP is esthetically designed as a sleek, modern watch and is my favorite new accessory that seamlessly blends into my OOTD.

The setup process is as easy as downloading the Movado app, turning on your Bluetooth to your phone, and deciding on what you want to be reminded of with vibration and lighting cues. My phone is always on silent, even with vibration turned off, so you can imagine just how many meetings, texts, and daily notifications I miss. Yes, I could just turn on the vibration, but even in that setting my phone is not quiet... Especially while sitting on a hard surface. There’s nothing more annoying [in my opinion] than that loud vibration noise going off while in a meeting or having dinner with friends. Once you’re set up, you will no longer have to worry about interruptions while being connected to the day’s tasks and obligations. As if that’s not enough, this device even tracks your steps helping you to not only meet your daily organization goals but also keeps those ‘new year, new you’ goals in check! 

This post is in collaboration with Movado & HP

East Village Townhouse

As I continue to grow Trend Styled and hope to grow the audience who receives it, I am constantly searching for inspiration and trying to figure out how to communicate with all of you. With a passion for style, grooming, and travel it was only natural to start my blog covering those categories. Now, with my growing curiosity in all things design, I have recently become obsessed with how our homes, and spaces that surround us, can also be a form of personal style. If you follow on Instagram [@trendstyled] then you may have already seen my interest in home design and architecture translated there with posts I like to call '#spacespiration.' After seeing so much interest from my followers there on these types of posts, I have decided to continue the TS brand into a much wider scope of design, style, and architecture with a new category I've coined - Space-spiration. Go figure! 

While I am currently based in New York City, I have decided to start this new venture with none other than a beautifully designed townhouse here in the East Village. When I'm not prowling online menswear shops, I am searching websites of architects, designers, and even furniture builders in hopes of getting inspiration for my own space. This townhouse was transformed by Selldorf Architects who are based here in New York but designs residential and commercial spaces all over world. This particular townhouse caught my eye as soon as I saw the herringbone patterned hardwood floors... a dream of mine to have in my own home one day. This massive [by any standards] five-story space is flooded with light thanks to industrial windows and a skylight that caps a sweeping spiral staircase in the center of the home. With some insanely beautiful marble accents, minimalist furniture, and colorful art that brings the white walls to life, it's a no brainer that I instantly fell in love with this home. As if the massive indoor pool that was built in the basement surrounded by bright Moroccan tiles wasn't enough to convince you.

I really hope you all enjoy these types of posts as much as I do. As always, I'm open to any comments good or bad so leave them below or feel free to reach out to me. Stay tuned for at least one of these a week showcasing homes, restaurants, hotels, and any other beautiful spaces I stumble upon during my travels and web-surfing and maybe some day soon... I'll be showing you all my own home as well!


[photography credit: Fran├žois Halard] 

American Spirit, Swiss Precision

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out the latest from watch brand, Hamilton, at a sneak preview here in New York City. Originally an American brand that is Switzerland-made, Hamilton prides itself in having rich American heritage, with watch construction in a country that is known for its' precision. CEO, Sylvain Dolla was on hand to speak to design and history that so many correlate with the brand. Having only recently become watch obsessed, I was excited to learn more about what goes into making this almost a century old brand.

With a start in aviation, Hamilton Watches has a heritage dating all the way back to 1919 when the pilots of the first US Mail service wore the brand during flight. Today, pilots all around the world, from international air shows to helicopter rescuers to fighter jet squadrons rely on the brands precision in design and functionality. Not surprisingly, Hamilton Watches esthetic appeal has made the brand known in the cinema. Most recently, Hamilton Watches were worn by actors in movies like The Martian, Interstellar, and even date all the way back to 1951 when the brand made its' cinematic debut in 'The Frogmen' in which actors playing naval diving heroes wore the timepieces.

Today, Hamilton Watches is starting the year with a brand new Hamilton Collection called Broadway. As you can see in the design sketches as well as the final product in the first two images above, the brand has kept to its' precision and heritage it is known for. These sketches were pretty cool to see first hand showing just how much attention is put into the details that make these timepieces so well known. Honoring the brands cinematic debut, Hamilton Watches is also relaunching the Khaki Navy Frogman watch [shown in the sketch above and images below] which will be a true divers watch... Only appropriate since it became known while being worn by the actors who played divers in 'The Frogmen' movie.

I obviously completely tech-geeked out while learning so much about Hamilton Watches. I love seeing and hearing about the history that has made a brand what it is today and only helps solidify its' worth while I invest time and money in searching for the perfect timepiece for myself. Definitely make sure you check out the many collections the brand has to offer and see for yourself why I got so excited while partnering with this brand. A huge thank you to the brand for inviting me along to cover the event as well as check out these beautiful timepieces in person. 

Outerwear Balance

As you can tell, I've become outerwear dependent. As much as I love t-shirt weather, nothing beats a great piece of outerwear that completely changes up your daily look and style. You can get away with wearing almost anything as long as you finish it off with a great coat. No matter if you're wearing sweats or a suit, a good topcoat or jacket is the balance that helps instantly even the style grounds.

This Kenneth Cole Moto Jacket is that kind of piece. I went from lounging around my apartment in a sweatshirt and denim to instantly being ready to head out for an event-filled night. A simple layer of good outerwear helps turn any casual garb into a look that makes others think you put in more effort than you did... And really, isn't that what we're all aiming to achieve?!   


Wearing: Kenneth Cole Moto Jacket | DSTLD Jeans Sweater [similar] | Diesel Black Gold T-Shirt | Levi's Made and Crafted Denim | Blundstone Brogue Boots | Sauras Co. Bracelet

Comfort Zone

I'm making it a point to leave my comfort zone [my neighborhood] on the daily and really start to enjoy this city again. If you're a New Yorker then you know the struggle of leaving your neighborhood to meet with friends in different parts of the city. Almost like a game of tug of war, we trade off the hassle of traveling to meet up for coffee dates, nights out, and [window] shopping excursions. Sometimes you just have to give in and in the end, you're happy you aren't sitting at your usual spots. 

Today's neighborhood exploration choice: the West Village. The look: layered cashmere.  Cashmere is an investment that we should all be willing to get into. No matter if it's in our accessories like scarves and even socks, or in our knit and outer-wear, investing in the lux threads is a wise one... and really there's nothing more cozy. As long as you really take care of your goods, it'll keep you warm for years. This J. Crew cashmere sweater and topcoat combo is a no brainer. Something about the earth-tones that warms me to my core while I'm out exploring the tundra that is NYC this week. 

If you're around the West Village you'll definitely be seeing me sporting this look while I'm running around documenting some of my favorite spots of this hood on my Snapchat... oooor you could just follow - @trendstyled - and enjoy from the comfort of your warm bed ;].


Wearing: J. Crew Cashmere Topcoat [similar] | J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater | J. Crew Secret Wash Shirt | Calvin Klein Tee | AG The Dylan Jeans | Trask Boots [similar] | Coach Leather Cap