#WheredSaulGo: London

For me, the travel bug never seems to leave. I can't help but constantly add new countries to my list of places to visit and at this point, I'll be pretty busy for the next few years. I'm not one to be your typical tourist with an itinerary to follow and reservations to make. I like to just wing it and do most of my plans by way of trekking the city I'm in and just stumbling on neighborhoods, meeting locals, and really getting a feel for the environment as if I'm living there. It would probably be stressful for most, but the non-schedule approach keeps me in the moment and focusing on just enjoying being in a new place... even if I do spend a lot of the day lost.

As I mentioned last week, I made my way over the pond and into beautiful London with ultra-lux men's shoe brand, Hydrogen-1. This was my second visit to the bustling city, but my first visit was a short one-day stint and just about ten years ago... whoo, time flies... so I was definitely excited to spend a bit more time there. After a short overnight flight [and a couple too many mini-bar wines in flight] we landed in unsurprisingly rainy London and hit the ground running. The city was definitely geared up for the holidays which only made the experience that much better. Historic buildings, cobble stone streets, traditional pubs - it was all like I remembered but even better with the twinkling Christmas lights that covered their facades. We managed to do just about everything we wanted to over the four day weekend thanks to some luck from Mother Nature so feel free to check out some of the highlights of things we did from 'where to sleep' to 'where to shop' below. My biggest tip is to just be prepared to walk. There is transit by way of subway and bus but the best way to discover the smaller pockets is just walking through the narrow streets. Cheerio! 


Wedged Sole Steals

I know I'm not the only one that won't even consider standing in line for hours in hopes of scooping up some hella cheap electronics during Black Friday. With so many online stores going rogue and making most their deals available in their online shops, I just don't see a need for the chaos... nor do I understand why so many others put themselves through it. 

If you're following along on Instagram, then you saw last weeks trip to London with Hydrogen-1 Shoes and a couple of my blogger pals - Justin and Anthony. We managed to get some super sunny days so most of the trip was spent trekking the streets discovering new spots, and of course snapping some images at every sun drenched location. There really was no better way to wear-test some of the brands kicks. 

The results - probably the most comfortable and stylish shoes I've ever worn! I wore these Midnight Blue Brogues for a full six hour day of walking all over the city and wasn't uncomfortable for one second of it. The rubber wedged crepe sole helps with the impact of walking on concrete and the calf leather lining stopped from that annoying heal rubbing. You seriously have to give them a go for yourself... and what better timing than Black Friday. This weekend only, Hydrogen-1's online store is doing 35% off all styles by using code BlackFriday at checkout... and all from the comfort of your own home. Can't beat that! Happy shopping friends.

PS - Stay tuned for the full London photo diary next week!


Also Wearing: Reigning Champ x Deus ex Machina Rider Jacket [similar] | Tommy Hilfiger Roll Neck Sweater | DSTLD Jeans | Ray-Ban Polarized Wayfarers

Classic Outerwear

Whoo, it's been a whirlwind of a week. If you've been following me on Instagram, I was traveling last week with Hydrogen-1 Shoes to London with some other pals. It was my first time there in about ten years so it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. More to come on that so stay tuned. Now that I've made it back stateside, I've begun to play catchup... AKA, visiting some of my homeland comforts - favorite coffee shop, Chipotle, and my bed!

As much as I love traveling, nothing beats being home. As much as us New Yorkers complain about the chaos that comes with this city, there really is no place like it. London quickly became one of my favorite destinations though. It is similar to NYC but surprisingly, a lot more chaotic. I was not expecting the crowds, traffic, and territory the historic town covers. My favorite thing about London was the style though. It was all so classic and well tailored, which is right up my alley.

The number one item to own in London was without a doubt, the topcoat... and really, there's nothing more classic than that! This navy one is a current favorite by Tommy Hilfiger. It's double layered with a removable down front for a little extra protection from the elements. It definitely came in handy with the bitter chill that London is known for. I'm definitely more prepared for the winter than years past. Now bring on the snow!


Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger Two-in-One Jacket [similar] | J. Crew Sweater | J. Crew Shirt | Levi's Made and Crafted Denim | Hydrogen-1 Suede Sneakers

Jogger Vibes

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with loungewear. I probably spend a bit too much time in my pajamas in the mornings, but I just can't help but invest in pieces that are not only comfortable and practical but also stylish... which sometimes can be harder to find than we think. New York City being a very communal type of city, you can't leave your apartment without being seen by at least a handful of people so getting dressed properly for your day is vital. 

Thankfully, my friends at AEO sent over their latest in lounge/activewear - the Flex Joggers. Tailored to fit on the slimmer side, these updated joggers are my latest go-to while lounging around my apartment or even for venturing out around the city. It's all about how you style lounge joggers - you can either look like you're leaving the gym or even dress them up a bit and sport them while running your daily errands. 

Today's plans are a bit busy as I prepare to venture out to London this evening, so I'll be running some last minutes errands. By pairing my joggers with some great sneakers [these are some of my favorite suede leather sneakers from Hydrogen-1] and layering on a henley and a good chambray shirt, it's less gym-like and more casual-wear. Would you wear this? 


Featuring: AEO Flex Joggers

This post presented in partnership with AEO | All words and opinions are my own

Flannel Layers

It's that time of year again where we all feel a sense of relief where we can layer on and cozy up to a slower pace of life. None of us have an urgency to do much of anything besides eat, sleep, and Netflix [and chill]. It's crazy to even think this year is just about over. With so much that has gone on this year, I'm pretty happy to slow down a bit and enjoy the last moments of 2015. 

Flannel is just about the most iconic chilly season piece we should all be layering in. This one from J. Crew is one of my favorites that I bought last year and couldn't part ways with it... which is rare when cleaning out my closets at the end of the season. It's borderline gift wrapping paper patterned which is only appropriate when moving into the holiday season. 

With a full day of trekking the city, I paired my flannel with some new Flexi Loafers... some of the most comfortable kicks you'll get into. With some help of weather-proofing and a comfort fit insole, I'll be sporting these loafers for as long as I can into the colder months. Loafers are perfect for most any dress code which just makes it easier to style into any daily look. Check out the Flexi collections and try some out for yourself!


Wearing: Thomas Mason for J. Crew Flannel | DSTLD Jeans | J. Crew Tie | Sauras Co. Bracelet | Flexi Loafers