LOTW: Beat the Blizzard

If you're located anywhere in the Northeast part of North America then you've experience one hell of a snowfall this week... so really, what better time to take [or at least imagine] a tropical, beach-side adventure! This week's Look of the Week brings the sun, and the florals, to your cloudy, chilly day! 

#WheredSaulGo: Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Without a doubt, my new favorite city in the world, Sydney is one of those cities you have to put on your bucket list to see [Maybe even live in if possible!], and make it a priority to cross it off that list as soon as you can! I can't exactly pinpoint what it was about this city, but everything about Sydney revitalized me more than words can explain...

Playing Tourist

Currently on our last leg of our trip, the last five [yes five!] weeks have been unforgettable! There's no feeling better than getting the chance to travel the world and see things/places you've always had on your to-see list. Australia was definitely at the top of that list and I can now check it off... 

Kiwi Styles

As you can probably tell at this point if you're following along on Instagram [@TrendStyled], I am fully immersed in all things Kiwi! As much as I love NYC for everything it has to offer, there's nothing like escaping the chaos and appreciating the quieter sides of the globe and experiencing what different countries have to offer.

#WheredSaulGo: New Zealand - West Coast Driving

Continuing on my #WheredSaulGo travel series, we are hitting the road once again... this time to travel down the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand! At this point, we are getting pretty spoiled by the views as we trek the hills and winding roads that make up the West Coast. It's almost as if we are submersed deep into the Amazon... except for the random herds of sheep that cross our path every few hours.