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As fall transitions start to take over our hot, sunny weather I’m starting to get excited about balmy breezes, heavier layers, and darker wash denims. This was the perfect time to partner with one of my favorite denim brands AG Adriano Goldschmied to get into the new fall mood and some new fall styles.

This style, called The Tellis 10 Year Shortcut, is unique with every piece. Each is treated to naturally age the denim, which gives a one-of-a-kind finish every time. The darker blue hue and whiskered finished gives these guys a cool vintage look which is perfect for the cool, fall months wearing darker tones. As you can see here, it pairs perfectly with darker greens and any shade on the warmer side of the color spectrum. Head on over to Zappos to shop all things AG Adriano Goldschmied that have recently launched and get stocked for fall!

After my recent visits to Thailand, I became obsessed with the products used at some of the insanely tranquil spas I experienced during the trips. There's no way of explaining it other than just experiencing them for yourself! So when the Thailand Trust Mark asked me to partner with them I was excited to learn all about what this mark meant. 

While there are many products out there that claim to have the Thai quality, if it doesn't have the gold emblem on the packaging, it is not truly delivering excellence. Created with the full support of the Royal Thai Government, the T Mark is a symbol of trusted quality product and services that are made in Thailand. These two products from THANN are some of my current favorites. 

The first is the Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Shower Gel which I use nightly in the shower. Made with Kaffir Lime - which moisturizes and cleans the skin of natural pollutants - and Lemongrass - which stimulates circulation and gives a calming smell. It's always perfect for even the most stressful days. If you're looking for a spa like facial, this Nino Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask is where it's at! You just add the powder to a small mixing bowl with a bit of water and massage into your face. It will help to improve skin radiance and combat dryness or dullness. Both of these products come with the Thailand Trust Mark which helps to distinguish its' quality and truly authentic source.

Last week I took a little road-trip with friends out the the desert of Palm Springs. If you've been before, then you know first hand at how insanely beautiful the sunsets are there. The lighting is so good so I knew I had to take the chance to shoot some beautiful shots of some new Topman suiting I got into recently. The dusty brown hue was not only perfect for the desert-scape but also for the transitioning season. The images speak for themselves but below are a few more Topman suiting favorites that I'll be wearing this and next season! 

One of my favorite things about blogging and sharing what inspires and excites me is the connection I get with all of you guys. The readers who come to see what I’m up to on the daily and have the curiosity to reply to my blog and social posts. I always appreciate all of the great questions and comments you guys send my way. 

My partnership with Rogaine was most exciting to me because I knew so many of you guys would connect with the brand and together we’d be able to break down the stigma of hair loss. As I mentioned in my previous Rogaine post, the sooner you catch signs of hair loss the more likely you will be able to stop and resolve the issue. With Rogaine’s ability to activate hair follicles, seeing the signs and acting quickly to treat it you’ll be able to feel more confident of your appearance and most importantly your hair game! Rogaine penetrates deep into the scalp so that new hair can grow with a key ingredient called Minoxidil. 

So many of you guys had some great questions about the topics I touched on in my last post and with August being ‘Hair Loss Awareness Month’, I definitely wanted to take this chance to answer some of those for you. I’ve had the pleasure of working with NYC dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali and celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen over the last few weeks to get all of the answers from the professionals. 

Answers from Dermatologist, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali

What age should I start checking for thinning? I’m only 17 but my Dad is definitely balding but he doesn’t remember how old he was when he started losing hair. 

Unfortunately, thinning hair can start as young as your teenage years. I’ve certainly had some patients come in as early as 15-16 with noticeable thinning.  While starting treatment is a personal choice, it’s much easier to maintain than it is to regrow hair once it is lost. Many people have turned to minoxidil-containing products like Rogaine and started to use it as a preventative measure (and with success!).

Both my Grandfather and my Father have full hair but my Mom has had thinning hair (she is 58). Am I prone to thinning from my Mom’s side?

There have been lots of contradictory results in hair studies looking at familial inheritance. The last popular idea was that hair genes are passed from the mother’s side. The truth is that you inherited hair characteristics from both sides and loss is somewhat random.  For instance, in twins, one can have early thinning whereas the other does not.  

What if my hair is dyed? Can I still use Rogaine? Also, is dying my hair making my thinning worse?

Absolutely, it can be used in all hair types and even after hair is dyed. We do caution patients not to use the same day as any chemical treatment. That being said, any kind of chemical (dying) or mechanical (using a straightener) can cause damage to hair follicles and have been linked with hair loss. IF it’s something that the patient insists on, moderation is key.

I use Head and Shoulders for dry scalp but I feel like there’s chemicals in dandruff shampoo that probably isn’t healthy for hair. Any ideas? Or is there a natural way to treat dandruff? I don’t want to slow the Rogaine treatment.

Many anti-dandruff shampoos use something called zinc pyithione that has been proven to help with dandruff.  If you are looking for alternatives, there has been some research showing that both tea tree and coconut oil may be beneficial

Answers from Celebrity Groomer, Benjamin Thigpen

Are there hair products I should avoid when treating my thinning? I use gel but it dries weird where my hair is thinning.

Gel could possibly be the worst thing to use if you are thinning! Think about it this way…when you get out of the shower you most likely look like you are thinning a lot more than when your hair is dry (your scalp/thinning areas are exposed), therefore, you shouldn’t use a product that gives you a wet/sheen appearance. It’s important to give the illusion that you have thicker fuller hair. To do so, you should use a volumizing mousse and a mattifying/texturizing pomade or paste!  Don’t be nervous to apply the mousse and product and use a blow dryer! Avoid heavy based products at all costs.    

Keep the questions coming as you guys use the product for yourself, as these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hair loss treatment. Many of these questions I had too so don’t be shy. When it comes to hair care, education is key!

As much as I love summer, there's no better feeling than a break from the heat with a drop in temperature and an excuse to finally put that lightweight outerwear to use! If you saw my closet you'd see just how obsessed I am with denim jackets. Lately though, I've been into different shades though. 

This blush pink piece from ASOS is a big favorite of mine. Super lightweight but definitely on trend with the dusty summer hue. I'm not completely ready for summer to be over but the break from the heat this week was amazing! 


When it comes to basics, HM knows how to produce those everyday essentials we all love to get into. Not only are they affordable, but they're so wearable it's a no brainer when styling ourselves for the day. Now [if you haven't hear already] with HM Edition, there's some major basics upgrades that you'll definitely see me wearing all season long. 

Made up of premium fabrics like linen and suede, the newest collection to launch has me in my element. With a slimmer cut to chinos, tees, and even some damn good suede outerwear, the collection is perfect for the more laid back kinda style that is so simple to put together. Make sure you head over to HM to check out the full collection. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces! 

Hair loss. Two words we all hope to avoid hearing. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, so many of us forget about the more obvious aspects of natural signs of aging. While hereditary hair loss accounts for 40% of men, I knew I had to use my voice to help bring awareness and education to what so many men are affected by. A huge misconception is that, "if my Dad had a full head of hair, then I'm in the clear!" While this can be true, hereditary hair loss can be much more rooted than that. I looked back through my Grandparents which is where I saw the signs of thinning that I wish I had known to look further back for.

Everyone’s hair follicles begin to shrink as they age, so like anything else, catching the signs early can help get ahead of the hair loss process, which can result in a fuller, younger looking head of hair. Men as young as in their 20's see hair loss so it's never too early to start evaluating. Rogaine, a company that has been around for 20 years is a treatment that has been proven to be an aide in hereditary hair loss with the use of the only FDA-approved ingredient minoxidil. By simply checking the crown of your head [that’s the top-back part of your scalp] regularly, you’ll be able to catch any sign of thinning hair… Which is exactly when you should begin your daily use of the Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam

It’s a process that adds only minutes to our already busy grooming regimen but most importantly, keeps us feeling confident about our appearance and our age. If you’re going to spend hours every week at the gym, why not take a few minutes of your week to really feel our best?!

Begin to make checking the crown of your head a weekly self check-up. 
You want to catch hair lost as early as possible to help combat any signs of hair loss. Remember, the earlier you catch the better!

At the first signs of thinning, don’t freak out. We got you!
Head to your nearest drugstore to purchase Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam.
--> Also available online!

 Gently massage onto your scalp twice a day.
Don’t worry; you can still use your favorite hair grooming products after applying the foam.

Continue stage three daily and monitor your progress as you apply.

It’s as simple as those few steps. By adding just a couple minutes a day to your routine, hair loss no longer has to be those two scary words we all dread. Most people see results in just three months so check your progression regularly and enjoy that fuller, thicker hair! Feel free to shoot over any questions, but I'll be walking you through my journey the more I use the product. 

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Since I can remember, I have been obsessed with all things space and sci-fi. I can't really pinpoint what it is - maybe it was watching the movie Contact over and over again as a teen - but what I do know is when Coach launched their limited-edition NASA-themed collection I knew I had to have it all!

From leather goods to key-chaines, to varsity style jackets, and everything in between, it is all SO good! It's the perfect mix of retro and modern which is definitely right up my style alley. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces including the backpack shown above which I have been carrying around since I got it from my Coach fam. Am I an astronaut yet?! 😜