Keeping it casual while on some pre- New York Fashion Week errands on this muggy city day. As much as we celebrated all weekend anticipating the end of summer, Mother Nature proved us all wrong with one last blast of heat here in NYC. I never thought I would be saying this, especially being a Texas boy at heart, but I can not wait for winter!

Labor Day

Even though summer isn't officially over until late September, Labor Day Weekend is always celebrated as that last weekend to travel to the beach, have a backyard BBQ, or just kick up your feet and do absolutely nothing. For me, it has definitely been the later. 

Current Obsessions

There are some things I discover, mostly by way of readers, that I instantly become obsessed with and can't help but constantly share with all of you. It's probably my favorite thing about blogging... getting to discover, rediscover, and share along the way is awesome, so I'm going to make it my mid-year resolution [What?! That's a thing right?] to do it more often with all of you. My current list is short but sweet... check it out below the break!