Summer Nights

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all about summer nights. Nothing beats the mood of millions of New Yorkers exiting their offices off to spots around the city but all with an instant breath of relief... relief that they're out of their cubicles and free to do as they please! 

With these nights quickly coming to a close, we're taking full advantage of tonight and hitting up some parties around the city. Our go-to fiesta style... tuxedo jackets! The details that make up a tuxedo jacket are just enough to upgrade your style without going full suit force. Throw on some dark denim and some cool brogues and you're set. 


Current Obsessions

There are some things I discover, mostly by way of readers, that I instantly become obsessed with and can't help but constantly share with all of you. It's probably my favorite thing about blogging... getting to discover, rediscover, and share along the way is awesome, so I'm going to make it my mid-year resolution [What?! That's a thing right?] to do it more often with all of you. My current list is short but sweet... check it and share it! 

1. Westward Leaning Shades - Our collection is endless!
2. Spike - NYC apartments are tight... we thought a pet cactus would be best
 [who wished to keep his identity a secret apparently]
3. LACOSTE L!ve Cologne - My go to scent for fall and most likely the rest of year
I rotate my scents by season but LACOSTE L!ve is so versatile I'll be rockin' this scent all year!
4. Jack Black Lip Balm - Don't skimp on your lip game. SPF goes a long way.
5. Kiel James Patrick Bracelets - Just try collecting them all. 
6. Equinox Membership - If you have to be stuck in a gym, it might as well feel like a spa! 


#AEO Style Challenge

Weekends are all about relaxing... and there's just nothing more laid back than a loose pair of denim and a great tee! Not one to stray too far from my go-to skinny denim, I was hesitant when AEO reached out and challenged me to wear-test the newest from their denim line - the Loose Jean. Turns out... it was the perfect fit for my relaxing weekend traveling to Cleveland, OH. Paired with a white graphic tee and some canvas kicks and I was set to comfortably trek the "Rock and Roll Capital of the World". How cool is this mural btw?! 


LOTW: Back in Black

It's that time of year again... for so many people [excluding me, thankfully!] it's time for that back to school prep! This week's Look of the Week is inspired by that idea that so many have as they enter another year of school in hopes of a major style upgrade. As much as some might dread starting another year of school, I always saw it as another chance at a fresh new start of who I wanted to be for the year. Forget New Years resolutions... for me it was all about new school year resolutions. Good luck to all of those heading back!!


Shop the LOTW all available from East Dane here:

*This post brought to you by our friends from East Dane*


A true sign of happiness is the realization that time is slipping through your fingers. With a constant sense of urgency in New York City, sometimes you have to remind yourself to calm down, dress down, and just sit down and appreciate everything that's going on around you and in your life. 

As many of you read this it may be that you have found me from the big news that broke over the weekend and into the week. The overwhelming support we have experienced over this past couple days has been amazing and we can not be more thankful for all the kindness that has come our way. I have nothing else to say except, thank you! Thank you all for the words, the smiles as we walked by, and, of course, the endless "boyfriend twin" jokes and Instagram "swoon" recaps.