Beach vacations are all about relaxing, having some cocktails, and being comfortable. Last weeks trip to Cabo wasn't any different. While I spent most of the trip in a bathing suit and sunscreen, there were moments of exploration that I actually threw on some clothes for. Keeping it free and easy, I packed some of my favorite beach garb that kept me cool and comfy.

A tank doesn't have to be so casual. This Slim Topman Tank was a last minute grab right before I left for my trip - which I purchased in just about every color the brand had on the rack! Either paired down with your swimsuit, a pair of chinos, or some distressed denim like my current Tommy Hilfiger denim go-tos, you can go as casual as you'd like with the basic necessity. 

A huge thank you to The Marquis Los Cabos for having me. Stay tuned for my recap later, but if you're looking for your next vacation spot... look no further than this luxury, all-inclusive resort!



No matter if you're a daily or once a week kind of shaver, every guy should invest in razors that will not only get the job done but also protect your face from any damage. If there's one thing not to skimp on, it's your razors... I mean, you're running a blade to your face so watch it! My usual go-to is probably what most guys use, but I'm always looking for a more affordable way to update my grooming game. With so many brands offering the necessity, it all came down to price and quality while I was on the prowl for the update. 

Hitting up my neighborhood Walgreens, as usual, I discovered the stores own Studio 35® brand while looking to restock my grooming goods. Always the skeptic, I definitely inspected the design of the razors and compared them to my almost double in price go-to razor brand. With a three blade, lubricating gel system these babies glided with ease for the closest of shaves with no irritation. I was pleasantly surprised and now hooked! Don't believe me yet?... Hit up the brands Pinterest board for more inspiration and see how everyones taking advantage of the blades!

Just to make the Studio 35® razors even better, when you purchase online at Walgreens, you can sign up for the "Auto-Reorder and Save" program - a 10% savings on membership length of your choosing and, best of all, never running out of the essentials. For those in-store only kinda shoppers, Walgreens is doing a buy one Studio 35® disposable or system razor and get one 50% off for the month of August and a $9.99 special for the month of September. I gotchu! 🤑

P.S. Join me at the Studio 35® Twitter party by using hashtag #ShaveStudio35 on September 8th between 8 and 9 PM EST... We'll be giving away three prize packs that you'll definitely want to win!

*This post done in partnership with Studio 35® at Walgreens | All words and opinions are my own*

Lately I've been in search for the perfect fall fragrance to update my usual go-to. I always like to mix in a new scent every season, as every guy should, in order to revamp my style. Your scent, like your outfit, is one of the first things a person notices about you - in many cases, the very first thing - so you should definitely put some work into finding a great one that fits your style. 

Thankfully, my friends over at Cartier sent me the newly launched L'Envol de Cartier which saved me some of the work. With a woody, masculine note, this will surely get the attention of everyone you pass. I've been wearing it for just about a week now and haven't made it a day without someone asking what I was wearing. Not to mention, the artfully designed bottle which is definitely the coolest bottle I've ever seen. Made up of a glass capsule inside a detachable glass dome, this beauty will be in my collection forever.

Want to try it for yourself? Head on over to the nearest Nordstrom where it's available now... or just take my word for it and order yourself a bottle now! 

Sadly, summer is coming to a close and the chill is starting to creep into the West Coast as the sun sets, but I can't be more excited for the fall layers. With new seasons, come new trends and I'm deep into the suede layers that will for sure be seen all season long. It's just about the perfect piece to finish any style and any fall day.

I've teamed up with my friends at American Eagle Outfitters to show how I'm getting into the suede trend with something that just launched for fall. This outerwear piece is the perfect transition into the trend and the weather. With just enough weight to bring on the warmth, it'll have me covered all season long.


One of my favorite things about my new neighborhood [West Hollywood] is exploring all the architecture and design that's gone into building it. There's so much history in these buildings and I've really been feeling all the Spanish vibes that make up a good part of this hood. Maybe it's a trip I have coming up down South later this month or I'm just falling into the chill Cali vibes, but I've really come to love the laid back style of the West Coast. 

No stranger to linen, it's one of those fabrics you get into while on a beach vacation or just in a calm space like California. The weather here is no joke. You wake up knowing the day is going to be beautiful so you're always dressed for a leisurely day no matter your mood. This linen shirt from one of my new summer faves, Frank and Eileen, has been traveling with me all season. From beach vacations to days exploring neighborhoods, I love the linen goodness. Paired down with some distressed denim from Tommy Hilfiger and some killer suede slip-ons and it's as if I'm heading to dinner in some foreign beach town... orrrr maybe just walking to Whole Foods to get a pre-made sushi roll. 


I've finally settled into the West Coast and am in full Cali stride. No matter if I'm moving into a new neighborhood or a new state, the number one priority for me is finding my coffee spot. It's just about impossible for me to have a productive day without a good cup of cold brew... Even better now that I won't be holding an iced coffee mid-blizzard! 

As I discover new spots in hopes of finding my daily caffeine fix, I'll be sharing it all with you here. This week's coffee destination - The Paramount Coffee Project. Originally Australian based - AKA home of some damn good coffee - this uber cool cafe has made it's way to the states and into my neighborhood in Los Angeles. No matter if you're looking for a caffeine drip, some light bites, or even just a cool Instagram pic [uh-hum!] make sure you swing by this spot and test out some things for yourself. Make your way to the back patio for the best Insta lighting! 😉

Address: 456 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The silk bomber. You've seen it just about everywhere these days but even over exposed, I am still obsessed with the lighter layer. I've collected a few over the season but it's the ones that stops people in their tracks that I love to wear. This one from Diesel is my latest pick-up from the trend and I can't help but layer it on all the time. With some amazing color-block and embroidered details, it easily dresses up any casual look and will always catch people's eye!


As promised, I'm recapping another New York Fashion Week: Men's outfit. As hot as it was during those four days, I managed to not completely sweat through every look while trekking from show to show. I did however, manage to go a bit more casual for this day of shows. With small upgrades in your accessories, though, a casual look can easily transition for a wide range of events.

I always invest in great pieces that help to transform my daily looks. A killer pair of shoes, a backpack that can be used on the daily, and a beautiful timepiece that easily helps to dapper up a look and you're set for a season[s]. These - not so typical - brogues from Hydrogen-1 are some of my favorite kicks that I've held onto knowing that I'll wear them for a wide range of seasons and styles. Paired up with a spot on color combo of backpack from Timo Weiland and a timeless piece from Omega and my 'normcore' style was set for a day of fashion shows and events... not to mention, for a day of beating the heat!