It's crazy to think about how much my grooming regimen has involved and how I've become aware of exactly what works for me and what doesn't. I can't even think about the products I used to use for my hair and skin just because I didn't know what to use. Thankfully now, with the convenience of CVS, I have no problem finding exactly what I need especially while I'm traveling.

When I'm traveling I always stop by a CVS in my destination and pick up all my favorite products that are great for my hair and skin like Dove Men+Care, Degree, and AXE products. Right now I'm using Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash - which smells insanely amazing - for my body and Dove Men+Care Dermacare Scalp Dandruff Defense Shampoo - which helps lock in some moisture to my super thick hair. Speaking of my thick hair, I've been testing out AXE Refined Clean Cut Pomade which helps smooth and hold my longer than usual hair. 

For the pits, I like super clean scents but always hate the stains left on my shirts. For that problem, I've found the dry sprays work best but now, Degree has launched a Black and White Fresh Deodorant that keeps your black shirts black and your white shirts white. It's seriously the best and the clean scent alone is worth the try - especially for my hot week in NYC this week.

Don't forget to check out the latest deals from CVS to save some extra coin. Right now [through July 4th] they're doing Buy 1 get 1 for 50% off with card and Buy 2 and Get $2 ExtraBucks® Rewards!

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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with watches. While my style tends to be pretty low-key, I love putting that finishing touch on an outfit with a beautiful timepiece. It's one of the few things I collect and keep for long periods of time so I like to invest wisely and find pieces that I know will last the test of time and trends. With Father's Day coming up, I figured it'd be the perfect time to test out a new piece to give you guys some help on that last minute shopping.

I was super excited to style this Casio Edifice watch since I've started swaying more into stainless steel watches. There's something that just feels so substantial when I wear a steel watch but this one is unique for so many reasons. While it is super sleek and easily paired for any style, it's also solar powered so you won't be worrying about changing any batteries any time soon. It also has a carbon fiber dial and is 100M water resistant so it's great for my active lifestyle. The best thing though is it's less than $200 which is huge within the men's luxury watches space.

As I mentioned before, I’m partnering with ECCO shoes this season to show off some of the latest Indigo spring styles they just launched this season. Keeping to their low-top styles, these guys are what most people think of when they hear the word Indigo. They’re such a good, deep blue that they will go with just about anything.

Not one to wear a full suit too often, I do love wearing tailored pants for a great polished look but still keep it casual with a great pair of sneakers. These ECCO Soft 8 kicks are bringing back the velcro straps and I’m definitely into it. Finished in a darker Indigo they’re a different vibe than the previous style I wore earlier this week so there’s something for everyone in the ECCO Indigo line.

No matter your style, these Indigo kicks are some you should definitely check out to get into one of the seasons biggest trends. Check out the rest of the Indigo styles below plus some others from ECCO that I love.

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It’s a no brainer that I’m all about the blue hue. I always like to invest in great denim and indigo is usually the way I go for the best, long lasting blues. That’s why I was super pumped to collaborate with ECCO this season for their latest line of Indigo denim-inspired line.

Indigo is, without a doubt, a spring staple, but I’ve never seen it in footwear before so I’m excited to show you guys a couple of my favorites from the line. These are the ECCO SOFT 8 Tie sneakers are on the lighter side of the Indigo spectrum, so I paired them with a lighter wash jean denim so it’s not too contrasting. I always skew to lighter jeans during spring and summer though so these ECCO kicks will be on my feet for the next few months. 

I'm looking forward to showing you guys another style from the ECCO INDIGO Leather collection later this week so stay tuned for more. Until then, shop the links below to see the full collections!

This post done in collaboration with ECCO and rewardSTYLE | All words and opinions are my own

Spring style in LA is all about lighter layers, lighter washed denim, and taking any chance you can to soak up some vitamin D! I've been trying to get into some bold trends to switch up my style lately, and while I usually stay to blacks and blues, sometimes you just have to update your style to feel current... and right now it's all about pattern and color.

This knit from ASOS is their Mohair Wool Blend Zebra-Print Sweater which is definitely right on point with spring style. I don't think I've ever worn such a bold purple but I'm loving it. The zebra pattern is subtle since the scale is on the larger side so it's not too crazy. I've been laying this knit under a black leather jacket for nights out and am stopped every time I wear it! 

Unfortunately, I just sold out this week BUT I've put together a good selection of like-trendy knits below for you to get into. There are some great high and low options for any style. Hope you guys try some out!

As spring finally starts to show it's warmer temperatures, I couldn't be more excited to start rotating out my winter-wear and get back into some new season trends... and it all starts with your denim! It's no secret that Topman is a huge source for all things denim for my daily looks so I was really excited to partner with them this season and get into their newest denim styles. You really can't beat their quality of denim, especially for the price!

Spring denim trends are all about distressed and tapered styles. It's no secret that I'm addicted to tapered denim but Topman is really stepping it up with these Bleached Ripped Rigid Tapered Jeans. The tapered style is meant to be cropped at the ankle so I love pairing them with slides or sneakers keeping it super casual. I'm layering a Topman Slim Tee and Red Oversized Sweatshirt feeling those perfect Cali vibes. 

For those Chelsea Boots kinda day and nights, I like to go for skinny denim styles. These Topman Washed Black Ripped Skinny Jeans are great for any type of style. For this style I like to keep it pretty simple with a great fitting tee. This Selected Homme Black and White Striped Tee is great for your day style but can easily be transformed into a night look by just layering on a leather jacket. It's probably my go-to uniform for most evenings. 

No matter your style or preference, Topman has your denim style covered. The styles and fits are endless so it's definitely a huge resource for my jean needs. Make sure you check out their Jean Fit Guide when you're shopping for your styles. It really helped me while shopping online for new styles to get into! Also, as an added bonus, check out my coupon page HERE to get the best deal on those shopping sprees!

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With so many fake products being made in the 'fast fashion' industry, Diesel decided to take matters into their own hands releasing a capsule Deisel "knockoff" collection that turned the industry on its' head. The brand even went as far as having a pop-up store in the heart of the NYC knock-off district on Canal Street which instantly became a hit with lines forming for blocks of people trying to get their hands on the goods! 

I've been a huge supporter of Diesel for years for so many reasons. At first, simply aesthetics is what caught me with some of the best fitting denim and leather jackets out there. These days, I've been obsessed with their marketing game keeping the brand relevant and current. This capsule launch definitely made their point loud and clear but also kept them on the map of creative street style trends! I can't see what they'll come up with next!

I've been all about trying new styles lately. When it comes to my daily OOTD [outfit of the day] I'm usually pretty low-key so finding pieces to help upgrade the casual style from day to night is always a priority. I've never been a fedora type of guy but when master hatters, Goorin Bros., sent me this 'Good Boy' Fedora I knew I had to give it a go.  I surprisingly was instantly hooked!

My Diesel leather jacket and ACNE Studios jeans is my go-to day uniform. It's just easy and has enough style on its' own to fit any errands I'm running throughout my day. By adding something as cool as a fedora, it instantly ups the style points. It doesn't have to be a fedora but adding something unique and a little more trendy to a basic outfit instantly transforms your style and takes you from day to night. Below are just a few of my favorite finds that can upgrade your basics!