Palatial Property

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Last week, while in Bangkok, we got to tour the Grand Palace... without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. I, of course, could not pass up the chance to photograph there throughout the halls and grounds that make up this one of a kind place. As hot as it was, I managed to pull off some not so sweaty looks to share with all of you!

It is against the rules to wear shorts or show too much skin while visiting the palace... no matter how hot the season is. Respectfully, we followed orders and made our way seeing all the gold and glass tiles that made up the palace where Kings once lived in years past. This is must-see spot while visiting Thailand and really, you have to stop in Bangkok anyways if you're flying into this country so you might as well spend a couple days there! If you're looking for accommodation, make sure you check out the famous Lebua State Tower Hotel... you might recognize it from the hilarious Hangover 2 movie. Such a beautiful hotel with the most insane rooftop bar - Sky Bar!

As steamy as it was while touring the grounds of the Grand Palace, I managed to stay cool by dressing in some vital hot weather attire. This linen tee from HM's latest collaboration with David Beckham has been traveling with me and is perfect for any tropical weather location. It is Songkran in Thailand - basically a non-stop water fight throughout the streets, in celebration of the Thailand New Year - so these waterproof SWIMS loafers were a must... super comfortable and beautifully designed. The rest of the trip is less strict on proper dressing attire so stay tuned for some of my favorite swimwear from a new discovery I made during my last trip in Sydney, Australia! Next stop... Chiang-Mai!


DJ said...

Great vacation look. Laid-back yet stylish! Love the loafers as well

Unknown said...

Looks like another stellar trip is under your belt!

Y'all are insanely funny - even in text. Even if the recipes you shared weren't great, I'd keep coming back just to read what you two have to say.

Josh - The Kentucky Gent