Spring Scents

2:41:00 PM Saul 4 Comments

This post done in collaboration with Mrs. Meyer's sponsored series with Socialstars™

With Spring just around the corner, I can’t be more excited to freshen up my space with some help from my friends at Mrs. Meyer’s. As much as I travel, it’s pretty impossible for me to keep any plant [besides succulents] alive so I rely on the must smell scents of the Mrs. Meyer's to keep my home inviting. Made with aloe, essential oils, and plant-derived ingredients, your hands will never smell and feel better than they do after a wash with [my favorite scent] Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Peony Hand Soap

My Five Steps to Enjoy Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap!
Step One: Pick your Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day scent
Step Two: Pump small amount into palm of wet hands
Step Three: Lather.
Step Four: Rinse.
Step Five: Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! 

I can’t be more excited to share so much more that the brand offers over the next few months. Stay tuned for more smell good, get clean moments to come. Plus be sure to follow the journey using #MrsMeyers and #MrsMeyersCleanDay!


DJ said...

This sounds like its exactly what every guy needs -a little spring (hand) cleaning. Fresh scents always welcome!

- DJ

robert said...

Love your hands! honestly i don t understand this post. I mean if you needed money don t post pics of your hands and a soap, just go for it. ask directly money. It's more direct therefore decent!

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