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Having lived in Los Angeles for almost a year now [damn, time flies!], I've completely given in to the Cali lifestyle. Açai bowls, fresh pressed juices, and a LOT of avocado are just a few of my new addictions thanks to living on the West Coast. Beyond that though, my favorite thing is just the laid back vibes that make up my new city. 

MR PORTER - the one stop shop for all things men's luxury - has created a capsule collection made up of designers with California roots to maybe get the rest of the country on our vibes... if only the entire country had a Cali state of mind! Simon Miller, John Elliott, The Elder Statesman, and Stüssy are just a few of the designers that make up the MR PORTER Made in California exclusive collections that just launched this week!

After choosing some of my favorite pieces, I traveled out to Palm Springs to capture some cool, Cali style in one of my favorite spots in the state! Just click through the editorial and discover why they're my favorite pieces from the collections... or just head over to to see the range of clothing and accessories!
Simon Miller Denim JacketJohn Elliott TeeJohn Elliott Denim
Simon Miller ShirtSimon Miller Denim
The Elder Statesman SweaterSimon Miller Denim

This post done in collaboration with MR PORTER | All words and opinions are my own 


Kurt said...

This look is refreshing! The sexy male jewelry pieces from the L.A. based Deific Jewelry are also worth checking out and could perfectly complement this type of outfit as a statement jewelry. Thanks for this lovely post!

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