A Suede Situation

4:14:00 PM Saul Rasco 3 Comments

There are few pieces I keep in my closet once a season comes to a close. I'm constantly purging to make room for more and no matter how much I donate, I'm always at a lack of space in my closet(s). Every once in a while though, I find myself hooked to a piece that I just can't find the heart to get rid of. This American Eagle Outfitters suede jackets is one of those pieces!

AEO sent this guy over last year and after wearing it constantly, I stored it away for the perfect spring day to break back into it. With spring in full bloom, it was time to get back into the spring-trend! Suede is by far one of my favorite materials when it comes to outerwear or footwear and during the spring trend, is the perfect trend to follow. Since I've worn this suede piece a million times, I've been on the hunt for more of the silky smooth fabric. Below is some of my favorite finds to get you into the trend! 


Gotta love suede! One of my fav fabrics for this time of the year.

DJ - Tailor Made Style

Love this jacket..it looks exactly the same of this one
really like it!

Hi Soul, Hope you are great.
Actually I can't blame you that you don't have the heart to get rid of this jacket, it really looks awesome.
Although donating clothes is really kind and helpful, but keeping the pieces you love isn't a big deal I guess.