Bringing Back Normcore

12:08:00 PM Saul 5 Comments

Anyone else remember the 'normcore' trend around this time a couple years ago?! It was one of those obvious trends that we all fell guilty of contributing to on those lazier style days. For some reason, it just kind of stuck with me since, for the most part, I don't love branded clothing... I meeean, unless it's some of my favorite Gucci tees I've been rockin' over the last few months.

 'Normcore' is just so easy to pull off and while it may have a negative sound to it, I can't help but love the basic, modern style. Cos is one of my go-tos when it comes to basics. Great knit polos, perfectly fitted tees in a wide range of colors, and some less than skinny pants and denim make up the collections that launch every season. Your one-stop 'normcore' shop that'll make the trend cool again! Check out some of the latest from the brand or if you're around LA, hit up their newly open DTLA Store!


RichardTanner said...

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