Downtown Installations

6:48:00 PM Saul Rasco 1 Comments

I've been spending a lot of time downtown lately attempting to get out of my West Hollywood bubble that I got some comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I love WeHo and the chill vibes it offers but it's always nice to feel like I'm back in New York City again. Even for just an afternoon to get my urban fix. 

One of the best things about downtown is all the cool murals, installations, and historic architecture that transports you into an entirely knew world. I stumbled across this installation pictured here after checking out some cool menswear shops that are around the Arts District. With some help from some pretty amazing lighting, I knew it was the perfect backdrop for today's outfit. 

This Martin Asbjorn Bomber Jacket is a recent brand discovery I made a couple weeks ago. Founded in 2012, this Copenhagen based menswear brand is one of the coolest modern brands with their own take on men's tailored-wear. This bomber jacket piece is just one half of the full look that I'll be wearing during NYFW this year so make sure to watch out for that next week on Instagram [@saulrasco]!


Tracy said...

A cool and relaxed getup. A badass bracelet from Deific Jewelry would look good on that ensemble too!