Rules to Move You

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Now going on my third season partnering with one of my go-to shoe brands, Rockport, I can't be more excited to do it while here in Los Angeles. With a feeling of always being on the move and never in one spot for too long, I instantly related to the brand's new campaign, Made for Movers. Now hitting my one month mark on the West Coast, I still can't believe that this is where life and work has taken me... the only constant is, no matter where I'm taking my next steps, I want to not only look good but feel good.

No matter if I'm in the 'city of walking' or the 'city of angels', comfort is key to ensure I make it through my day. While I always love the beautiful design that has made Rockport a staple in footwear, it's their comfort technology that keeps me hooked on the brand. With truTech™sport technology that's meant to cushion even the heaviest of feet, Rockport keeps me moving on even the busiest of days. 

To kick off this seasons collaboration, I'm sportin' these Classic Move Hanging Tassel Loafers... Without a doubt, my go-to's for trekking the city, taking a stroll, and especially for traveling the globe. A good pair of loafers are essential, no matter your lifestyle though. I invest in a great pair just about every season and this season is no different. They easily transition for just about any casual or formal style, so they are definitely a necessity for my life, especially when I travel. 

My travels are usually spur of the moment so having some easy go-to's are vital... Not to mention being able to pack smart for those weekend travels. It really isn't too hard to pack for a weekend trip though. It's all about thinking it through and following some easy to follow rules that I live by. 

Plan Your Trip • If you try to be as organized as I am then this one is the easiest trick of the trade. I like to lay all of my clothes out neatly, so I know all of my options for the trip. It's a great way to pack exactly what you need without forgetting the essentials. 

Create a Base • I like to put my dopp kit on the bottom of my duffel to help create some shape at the bottom of the bag. This will help to keep your clothes in place and free of wrinkles when you reach your destination. 

Wrinkle Free • I like to roll all my tees to not only save lots of space but also keep those wrinkles away. You can even roll up shorts, jeans, and chinos if you're feeling really ambitious. 

Keep it Shady • Sunglasses are essential when traveling. At the very least, they can help to upgrade your comfy airport style, so get a cool pair that fits every look you pack. These Garrett Leight California Optical Sunglasses shown above are some of my favorites when traveling to any beach destination. 

Space Saver • If you're like me, no matter how long the trip is you always run out of space when packing your bags. To help not leave any wasted space, I like to roll my underwear and socks and stuff them into my shoes. This also helps to keep the shape of your good shoes... Which you should always pack at least one nice pair for any trip since you just never know what might come up! Just another reason why I love my new Rockport Classic Move Hanging Tassel Loafers. Like I said before, they're easily transitional no matter the occasion!

Take Your Tunes • A good pair of headphones are essential when making moves. No matter if you're heading to the gym, a day trekking your city for errands, and especially while traveling, it's just about impossible to get through a day without some of your jams. Aedele Headphones is my accessory of choice at the moment. They are the perfect travel companion and just so happen to match my leathers perfectly!

Strut it Out • If all else fails, strut. Invest wisely no matter if it's your style or your comfort, you'll be glad you did when making moves!

I love being a mover and like to keep the 'on-the-go' mindset, so having a brand like Rockport to rely on really helps to keep up with the lifestyle. The last thing I ever have to worry about now is comfort. While my collection of Rockport styles continues to grow, the one thing that stays true through each new pair is the reliable comfort each sole supports. Don't just take my ongoing word for it... Get into a pair just in time for fall!

*This post done in collaboration with Rockport | All words and opinions are my own*


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