Downtown Vibes

8:15:00 PM Saul 0 Comments

Find ways to occupy your time in Los Angeles is a lot different than my usual routine back in NYC. It's all about taking time to acclimate to the slowed down vibes, soaking up some sun, and exploring spots on your 'to-visit' list. While it might take longer to get from point-A to point-B, it's always worth the traffic and L.A. is quickly gaining on my New Yorker standards. 

I've been getting into the DTLA vibes lately... maybe because it's the perfect mix between the 'concrete jungle' and the West Coast. With tons of spots like museums, historic buildings, and some photoshoot worthy architecture and design, I would definitely consider living down here if it wasn't so detached from where I've come to call home in West Hollywood. I mean just look at this chrome finished location that I discovered while visiting The Broad Museum across the street!

I took full advantage of grabbing some pretty sick shots while taking a break between exhibits at the museum. Just another reason to love L.A... It's ALWAYS leather jacket kinda weather! This one from The Kooples is one of those pieces that you invest in and wear for years. With a bit of a slimmer cut, it just helps with those lighter layer kind of days. Besides being stuck to DTLA, I've fallen into the laid back style that most SoCal residents flaunt so casually. Distressed denim, canvas sneakersgraphic tees, and some killer accessories are styles that have, and always will be, a style that embodies the lifestyle of those of us living in / trying to fit into Los Angeles. Everything, of course, is available at East Dane and shopable with the below images. Check them out and get into these West Coast vibes!