Treat Yourself!

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It's been a few months now that I've gone completely off the office grid and have been working on the blog full-time. As hard as it is to stay on a schedule when you work for yourself, I've done pretty well - even with lacking the ability to stay focused for too long. My solution to keeping on schedule: making Monday's count! 

As I've said before, Monday's are usually the most dreaded day of the week so I've done everything I can to really making them count. I use this day to set my goals and schedule for the week and always make sure I do something fun for myself. Today's 'treat yourself' moment was hitting up one of my favorite spots in New York City - Momofuku Milk Bar, conveniently located across the street from my apartment. Definitely one of the best dessert bakery's in this city... make sure you get yourself an order of the b'day cake truffles and some soft serve if you visit one of their locations!

I do get some business done on Monday's but it's mostly just preparation for the busy week ahead. I set small, easy goals I can follow through for the week and tackle one at a time. With the weather finally transitioning I've set a goal to start wearing more color in my recent dark hued wardrobe. Thankfully, I discovered this insanely cool baseball jacket from Maison Kitsuné's latest spring collection! Not one to really step outside of my style boundaries, this piece was definitely pushing it but without a doubt worth taking a chance. Make sure you check out the entire Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2015 colorful collection to get yourself prepped for warmer, sunny days ahead!

Do you follow?


Love your outfit, Amazing Bomber jacket, great print. So live.


Alex said...

Amazing Jacket ..what a great spring statement you making!!! i would like to see closeup of the jewelry also tho