Make Mondays Epic

4:15:00 PM Saul 5 Comments

So many people have Mondays so misunderstood... I feel like most people dread this first day of the week when really, we should all be taking this new day as a new beginning to a great seven days ahead! As I've said before, I'm not one to make New Years resolutions. Instead, I make new week resolutions! I take the beginning of the week as a fresh start with new goals I'm able to accomplish over the next seven days. I also take Mondays as the perfect day for a fresh grooming... what better way to accomplish your week's goals than by also looking your best!?

Thankfully, I've partnered with Schick Hydro® to #MakeItEpic! Today's tool of choice, the Schick Hydro® 5 Groomer - a 4in1 styling razor that shaves, hydrates, trims and edges for a more precise touch! It really is an all in one tool that helps make my Mondays epic with a few quick grooming steps. Not to mention, hydrates and protects your skin leaving you to create your own epic story!

Want to share how you #MakeItEpic? Check out the newly launched Studio App and join Schick Hydro®'s epic story project. Just get the app, tap remix, and epic your picture... just like I did in my first picture above! Like the Schick Hydro® 5 Groomer, it's an all in one tool that will remix your images with powerful filters, texts, and thousands of shapes all of which will be shareable after just a few easy steps. What are you waiting for... now it's your turn to show how you #MakeItEpic!

Do you follow?

Wearing: LL Bean Signature Puffer Vest [similar] | J. Crew Cashmere Cable Sweater | Gant Rugger Oxford ShirtLevi's Made and Crafted Denim | Frank Wright Chelsea Boots [similar] | Ray-Ban Wayfarers

*I'm sharing my epic moments thanks to my friends at Schick Hydro® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MakeItEpic*


Unknown said...

I have those Made & Crafted Denim, they're some of my favorites.

Josh - The Kentucky Gent

Anonymous said...

Love that app. Thanks for the heads up!

Nice style too man.

Love this outfit, great photos.
Specially love the Vest.


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Anonymous said...

You look great. It's always hard for me to look great during winter. The weather is bad, cold air damages my skin and hair, and I get freeze so much, I need to wear tons of clothing on myself. All this looks awful. I've read at that winter is one of the best seasons. But I don't agree at all..