AG Denim Dazed

12:04:00 PM Saul 7 Comments

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I've been loving this 'fall' weather in Los Angeles the past few weeks. Some days it's cool and balmy, while others are the qunitessential SoCal weather we're known for. Either way, it's exactly why I moved here from the East Coast. People in LA live in their denim with this perfect daily weather, so I've been excited to partner with Zappos and Adriano Goldschmied again this season to get into a new pair of jeans.

My usual AG Jeans go-to fit is the Matchbox. They're more of a relaxed waistline with a tailored leg so they always fit me perfectly... especially with a good pair of boots. I went for these 15 Year Glitch washed Matchbox Slim Straight Jeans for that perfect in-between dark and light denim as we transition into the new season.

I always love ordering from Zappos. They have the quickest, free delivery so even when I'm super impatient or just in a fashion emergency with nothing to wear for a week of event, I know they're super dependable on getting orders to me. The best part, if something doesn't fit or if just decide you want to return it you have 365 days to decide. Definitely check them out!


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