Cool breeze vintage tees

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I'm always on the hunt for cool vintage tees while running around Los Angeles. From flea markets to shops on Melrose and even while shopping around online, there's nothing like find a tee that's been through the ringer and survived. The super soft texture and thin fabric can only come from decades of washes and is close to impossible to replicate. When I find a tee that's still in good shape, I always snag it without a second thought. 

I found this guy while killing time at the Fairfax Flea. I usually go there for a restock on gold necklaces and to just walk around outside on these perfect weather Sundays. This trip was super successful finding this tee that I thiiiink says it's from the Biology Department at USC. Whatever it says, I love it and will be wearing it for a while. I've been changing up my editing over on my Insta - @saulrasco - so let me know what you guys think in the comments there. Especially if you're seeing it here first. 


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