Father Time

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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with watches. While my style tends to be pretty low-key, I love putting that finishing touch on an outfit with a beautiful timepiece. It's one of the few things I collect and keep for long periods of time so I like to invest wisely and find pieces that I know will last the test of time and trends. With Father's Day coming up, I figured it'd be the perfect time to test out a new piece to give you guys some help on that last minute shopping.

I was super excited to style this Casio Edifice watch since I've started swaying more into stainless steel watches. There's something that just feels so substantial when I wear a steel watch but this one is unique for so many reasons. While it is super sleek and easily paired for any style, it's also solar powered so you won't be worrying about changing any batteries any time soon. It also has a carbon fiber dial and is 100M water resistant so it's great for my active lifestyle. The best thing though is it's less than $200 which is huge within the men's luxury watches space.


Zafal said...

I agree with you completely. Don't know why, I like casio edifice watches very much because of its look and durability. I have got two with me: a two year old and a new one, just a few months old, from city centre bahrain stores (http://www.citycentrebahrain.com/shopping). I was of the opinion that watches should be swiss-made but edifice changed my mind.

Peggy Gann said...

pretty good post!