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With so many fake products being made in the 'fast fashion' industry, Diesel decided to take matters into their own hands releasing a capsule Deisel "knockoff" collection that turned the industry on its' head. The brand even went as far as having a pop-up store in the heart of the NYC knock-off district on Canal Street which instantly became a hit with lines forming for blocks of people trying to get their hands on the goods! 

I've been a huge supporter of Diesel for years for so many reasons. At first, simply aesthetics is what caught me with some of the best fitting denim and leather jackets out there. These days, I've been obsessed with their marketing game keeping the brand relevant and current. This capsule launch definitely made their point loud and clear but also kept them on the map of creative street style trends! I can't see what they'll come up with next!


Anonymous said...

Looks real sunny where your at... Don't you think black is too stark a color in such an environment? Just a thought :)

Unknown said...

I also support and like Diesel's outfits. Even before starting work on custom leather jackets, I bought many denim products from Diesel.

Amazing outfit. From Packers and movers in Delhi

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Eric Francis said...

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