Defy Your DNA

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In my continued collaboration with Rogaine, we decided to take a little break from talking about hair-loss. No matter big or small, thinning hair is an issue every single person faces, as we get older. We all see signs of some level of hair loss due to shrinking follicles – it’s in all of our DNA! It’s inevitable but not impossible to prevent if you catch the signs soon enough. As you may have seen in my previous Rogaine posts, the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair regrowth brand is the answer to so many of our hair-loss issues and has been proven to work. No other topical treatment has been proven to work better for fuller, thicker hair rejuvenation!

While our DNA determines so many of our physical features, it does not have to define who we are as individuals. ‘Defying Your DNA’ with Rogaine is especially important to me because we all need some outside words of encouragement and so many of you have reached out to me asking about my workout regimen. A regimen that not only helps me feel physically healthy, but also mentally.

For me, fitness is exactly how I defy my DNA. No amount of DNA can stop us from reaching our fitness goals. No matter if it’s losing or gaining weight, being in professional athlete-level form, or even just wanting to feel healthier, our fitness goals are our own and no one else’s. Growing up I was never particularly athletic. While I joined in on many sports, I never utilized fitness and the benefits that come along with it. No matter your hereditary background, fitness can help us all become a better version of ourselves be it physical or mental. Today, I’ve learned that working out can help me to become physically stronger [I never was able to get those biceps I wanted back in high school lol] but also more focused mentally. Just getting some form of exercise every day, my mood is boosted which keeps my mind focused on the days tasks and even long-term goals. It even helps get my energy level consistent throughout the day… which is definitely my favorite part and a huge reason why I get to the gym daily. Today, I know I defy my DNA and only my own motivation can stop me.

I remind myself of all of this every day when building up the determination to working out but some great tunes always help with that extra push I need! I like to update my workout play-lists weekly to keep me motivated so follow me on Spotify HERE and check back every week to get some great new tunes! In the mean time, enjoy this weeks below… I hope it helps you as much as it does me!!

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