H&M Edition

1:51:00 PM Saul Rasco 1 Comments

When it comes to basics, HM knows how to produce those everyday essentials we all love to get into. Not only are they affordable, but they're so wearable it's a no brainer when styling ourselves for the day. Now [if you haven't hear already] with HM Edition, there's some major basics upgrades that you'll definitely see me wearing all season long. 

Made up of premium fabrics like linen and suede, the newest collection to launch has me in my element. With a slimmer cut to chinos, tees, and even some damn good suede outerwear, the collection is perfect for the more laid back kinda style that is so simple to put together. Make sure you head over to HM to check out the full collection. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces! 


Gary said...

Cute look! Could you please tell me what sunglasses those are? They look great on you.