Festival-Wear Season

3:53:00 PM Saul 2 Comments

Spring has officially sprung and while for most people it's a sign to put away all their winter coats and heavier layers, for me, it's all about starting that Coachella weekend shirt collection. Thankfully, my friends over at HM sent over some goodies to kick start my collection!

Festivals are all about those bold patterns, casual kicks, and some essential sunnies. For today's style, I've gone for this floral printed shirt from HM, some of my favorite denim from Topman, Tretorn Nylite suede sneakers, and some sunnies from Cali based Garrett Leight California Optical. While I'm already in full on dress for the spring-time / festival season, it's not too late for you to jump into the game. Just click through below for some of my current favorites! 


Unknown said...

Great look! Love the floral print.

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