Sailing with Celebrity Cruises

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If you're following along on Instagram [@trendstyled] then you've seen it's been a whirlwind of a month traveling featuring some amazing destinations, properties, and hospitality groups. Now that I've had a second to reflect on my travels, I'm finally getting to share with you some of my favorite moments from my experience with Celebrity Cruises aboard the beautiful Equinox!

I've been on a cruise before years ago but have never experienced a boat quite like the Equinox! With just about fourteen restaurants and lounges to dine in, fourteen bars, lounges, and clubs, and an endless amount of activities aboard the Celebrity Equinox, trust me when I say... you will not be left with an empty schedule! Below are just a few of my favorite spots that I loved and hope you will too if you decide to experience a Celebrity Cruise for yourself!

I had the pleasure of getting a Veranda Stateroom which includes a large bed, a sitting area with a couch and desk, as well as a beautiful balcony to experience the world going by each day. This easily accommodates a couple with plenty of room. Truth be told though, you won't be spending much time in your room so if you are more budget conscious, I suggest going for an Inside Stateroom and enjoy the rest of the boat!

LuminaeWith a wide ranges of dishes like steak, fresh fish specials, and pastas, this has something for just about everyone. Make sure you ask about their extensive wine list! This restaurant exclusive to suite guests only.

Tuscan Grille • Celebrity's Italian-inspired restaurant which offers dry aged beef, some delicious pastas, and some unique Italian inspired cocktails. You won't leave hungry after a dinner here. Make sure you order a range of appetizers to share for the table!

Murano • World class cuisine in a very intimate setting. This was by far my favorite restaurant on the ship and managed to try just about everything on the menu. For larger groups, request the wine cellar for a super unique experience. The service at this restaurant was by far the most attention to details I've ever seen a restaurant execute. Sip champagne, eat well, and leave happy!

Martini Bar and Crush • I mean, who doesn't like a good martini?! This ice-topped bar is the center of the ships entertainment scene. It's the perfect beginning and end to each night with some hand crafted martinis, up-tempo tunes, and some very attractive bartenders! 

Quasar • The ships largest club with nightly DJs, you'll spend plenty of time dancing the night away and completely forget you're on a boat!

Pool Bar • This is where you'll spend your day sipping cocktails poolside. I suggest getting to the pool early to grab a good sun drenched spot and just enjoy the sea breeze!

These are just a few of my favorites but the entire list of bars can be found HERE!

The Theater • With a wide range of shows including dancing, singing, magic, and comedy, the main theater is the hub of evening entertainment. Just be sure to check your daily schedule to see who's performing each night and make sure you arrive early to grab a good seat!

The Spa • Either getting a haircut, a facial, or a massage [just to name a few of the many treatments available] this is where relaxation meets ultra-relaxation. Escape to the spa open daily for an amazing experience and recharge for the next day. Spa access is available to enjoy some quiet spaces as well.

The Casino • I may have spent one too many late nights doing some blackjack and slot machines but it was time well spent. Bet big and cash out before you depart the ship! Good luck!

Pool and Jacuzzi Deck • Enjoy a full day of endless un and unblocked views while on the ships pool deck. Order cocktails, lunch, and even join in on the daily activities offered around the pool. 

These are just a few of the endless amounts of activities offered aboard the Celebrity Equinox! You will received a schedule daily in your stateroom so you won't miss any of the action if you decide to stay on the ship for a day at port or at sea!

If you're wanting to really experience something one of a kind then just click through HERE for an exclusive offer just for you guys. Hope to see you guys on a Celebrity Cruise soon!

This post done in collaboration with Celebrity Cruises | All words and opinions are my own