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There are some colors that I tend to gravitate towards and olive is definitely up there in my top favorites. No matter if I'm tan mid-summer or going Casper ghost-white mid-winter, the soft hue is perfect for any season. Thankfully, my friends over at AEO sent me these olive joggers just in time before my big trip out of the country. 

My go-to travel wear changes up season to season but I always try my best to not look like a mess when hitting the airport for my next adventure. No matter how long the flight, there's no excuse for the sweats jumpsuit while onboard. It may take a little more effort, but your in flight etiquette should always include clothing yourself properly.

It's no lie that I love a good pair of joggers. They can easily be dressed up, dressed down, baggy, or tailored, you just can't go wrong with the universal trend! For todays OOTD, I'm going a little baggier than usual with these AEO Joggers... perfect for your pre-flight, inflight, post-flight travel style. The fact that they're olive just makes them that much better! I'll be wearing these again this weekend when I take flight for Thailand so make sure you're following along on Instagram if you aren't already. Also, I want to know how you pair your joggers... Dressed up? Dressed down? Wear them as activewear? Comment below or tweet me and let me know. Just click the icons below to follow and share. 


Presented by my friends at AEO | All words are my own


Love that joggers color :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Unknown said...

My pair of AEO joggers are probably one of my favorite pairs, but I definitely love this olive color.

Josh - The Kentucky Gent

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