#WheredSaulGo: Honolulu, Hawaii

11:43:00 AM Saul 1 Comments

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Our trip half way around the world was definitely one for the books and could not be more happy to have had the experience and of course to be able to share with all of you! It was a super busy five weeks so we could were excited to be spending the last seven days of the trip in beautiful - and relaxing - Honolulu, Hawaii! 

As so many others do as soon as they make it out of the Honolulu Airport, we made our way straight to the beach for some much needed beach time - as if we didn't get enough beach time during the last four weeks! We spent the day at Waikiki Beach, the busiest of the many beaches on Oahu but also the best for some great people watching and beach-bar hopping.

I of course wasn't light in packing some perfect resort-wear. My suggestion for any beach-side vacation packing... linen and some quality tailored swim trunks. The linen part is pretty obvious due to some intense sun rays but the trunks are a big part of my packing routine. I always invest in some great fitting trunks knowing I will be transitioning from beach-side to bar-side spots throughout the day so, always wanting to look my best in any environment, I spend a little more dough on some multi-use shorts! These geo-print trunks from Swim-Ology I found on East Dane are perfect... a great pattern and extra details like metal adjustable waist tabs and a button fly are enough to give a "more than just swim shorts" shorts look. 

Do you follow?


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