#WheredSaulGo: New Zealand - West Coast Driving

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Continuing on my #WheredSaulGo travel series, we are hitting the road once again... this time to travel down the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand! At this point, we are getting pretty spoiled by the views as we trek the hills and winding roads that make up the West Coast. It's almost as if we are submersed deep into the Amazon... except for the random herds of sheep that cross our path every few hours.

Our first stop along the way was the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki. This beast of a landmark, made up of the rocky coastline that is the West Coast, has slowly been molded by the seas pounding waves into what now looks like stacked pancakes. It's pretty amazing to see but talking to others passing by who were New Zealand locals [as well as my fiancé], they all remembered visiting the rocks as kids some twenty years ago and being able to climb through to the top of the rocks without much danger. Now, most of the footpaths and steps up the rocks have been washed away by way of sea water and look completely different from what they remembered. You're still able to get a great view of the rocks and the blowholes but if you're visiting New Zealand in the near future, put this stop on your itinerary before it's completely gone! Trust me, rocks can be pretty cool. 

Post rock watching, we got back into our mega ride - our Fiat Camper - and got back on track of our roadtrip. Next stop... Queenstown, New Zealand! Make sure you're following along on Instagram - @TrendStyled - to see more of the beauty that is New Zealand... and some pretty ridiculous selfies of course! 

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These views.. they're something else.