Thailand Trust Mark

3:10:00 PM Saul 2 Comments

After my recent visits to Thailand, I became obsessed with the products used at some of the insanely tranquil spas I experienced during the trips. There's no way of explaining it other than just experiencing them for yourself! So when the Thailand Trust Mark asked me to partner with them I was excited to learn all about what this mark meant. 

While there are many products out there that claim to have the Thai quality, if it doesn't have the gold emblem on the packaging, it is not truly delivering excellence. Created with the full support of the Royal Thai Government, the T Mark is a symbol of trusted quality product and services that are made in Thailand. These two products from THANN are some of my current favorites. 

The first is the Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Shower Gel which I use nightly in the shower. Made with Kaffir Lime - which moisturizes and cleans the skin of natural pollutants - and Lemongrass - which stimulates circulation and gives a calming smell. It's always perfect for even the most stressful days. If you're looking for a spa like facial, this Nino Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask is where it's at! You just add the powder to a small mixing bowl with a bit of water and massage into your face. It will help to improve skin radiance and combat dryness or dullness. Both of these products come with the Thailand Trust Mark which helps to distinguish its' quality and truly authentic source.