Beyond Aromatherapy

2:23:00 PM Saul 0 Comments

With so many distractions all around us every day, it's no surprise that we're all in need of some focus in our daily lives. No matter if we're trying to work harder, perform better, or rest easier, there's always so much noise around us that's stopping us from achieving these necessary goals. Thankfully, with a little help from xSense, my daily obligations have become achievable by simply breathing.

With three types of formulas - worksense, playsense, and restsense - I partnered with xSense this week and put them to the test to see if they really did aid in completing my daily routine more efficiently. All you do is pump, roll, and breath. The small bottle, just a little thicker than a pen, has a small pump which you squeeze until you see the serum bead through the chrome roller. You then roll it on your upper lip, breath, and go! I used it at the beginning of the day when starting to work, on my way to the gym, and right before I went to bed, post-shower. Without giving too much opinion since the results vary person to person, I'll just say that I had a very productive week. It felt like less of a boost in energy and more of a feeling of determination to achieve a goal. With ingredients that are all natural, this aromatherapy process is safe to try so give it a go. If you really want to put xSense to the test yourself, there's even an affordable sample kit that includes all three scents!