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I love changing up my daily routine to make the day-to-day a little more interesting but when it comes to grooming, I’m pretty specific on my regimen and rarely stray or change it up. I’m sure most guys can relate, when you find something that works you stick with it! So when my new friends over at 99 Cent Razor contacted me to try out one of their razors I’ll be completely honest here… my reply was hesitant and wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself, and my skin, into. I can say confidently now, I was pleasantly surprised and you will be too!

It may have been love at first site… When first receiving the small trial package, which includes a sleek handle, two three-blade razors, and a handle holder that’s designed conveniently for your shower, I was already blown away. Knowing there are many low cost competitors out there, some of which I have tried, I thought I knew the quality and design replicated by those competitors that I would be receiving… I was wrong. The package at first glance will instantly convince you to rush to the restroom and give the shave a go before letting yourself fall head over heels attached to this razor. Trust me, your heart will not be broken post-trial.

The shave is shockingly smooth and will leave your face feeling baby soft. I’ve been using the razor for about a week now and have only had to shave once when I’m usually a two to three time a week shaver… the three-blade razor designed shave is that close! Best part of all is this razor won’t give that post-shave burn or ingrown hairs. Actually, the best part is the price but the quality is tied for a close second! Don’t trust me just yet? Well make sure you head on over to 99 Cent Razor now and sign up for your own trial razor kit! Pay just 99 cents for shipping and you’ll get your package within days to give your own test-run a go… note that this is not the same as signing up for a subscription and is in fact, a no strings attached and a non reoccurring service for all first time users.  99 Cent Razor is that confident in their razors and know you will love the trial, as did I! You can thank me later. Happy grooming fellas!

Presented by my friends at 99 Cent Razor | All opinions and words are my own


Unknown said...

Trying a new razor is definitely never an easy decision, cause like you said you never know what you're getting your skin into!

Josh - The Kentucky Gent

Unknown said...

The best safety razor shorter handle features make the razor safer and provide better control when shaving. shorter handle requires less effort and allows easy maneuvering of the razor for wet shaving.

Fred said...

Well, your pictures of it are pretty fancy, but it looks like just another typical "Gillette-style" razor to me. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, either.

Fred |

Unknown said...

Recently I have stopped to use the cartridge razor and now I'm using a safety razor. After getting 3 or 4 shaves many of cartridge razor have to throw out. Because after 3 or 4 shaves it can't provide a smooth shave and start to irritate. But the best safety razor can use for use lifetime. Because the blades of a safety razor can change easily and it can provide a closer and smoother shave.

Masood said...

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